SearchDay – Search Engine Milestones for March 2003

This is a new feature for SearchDay. At the beginning of each month, I’ll be running links to selected press releases and announcements made during the prior month related to web search and search engine marketing.

Many search technology companies offer both web search and enterprise or intranet search products and services. For this monthly roundup, I’ll only be citing web search related news and announcements. For news of enterprise or intranet search technologies, I highly recommend Avi Rappoport’s excellent

Warning: The links and descriptions below are from official press releases, and may contain marketing hyperbole, claims or euphemisms not necessarily endorsed by Search Engine Watch.

March 4

Ask Jeeves Adds New Alliance Partner in Site Submit Paid Inclusion Program
Ask Jeeves Web Properties, a division of Ask Jeeves, Inc., today announced an expanded alliance with Position Technologies (Position Tech). The agreement serves to help marketers reach a highly targeted audience through inclusion in Teoma’s growing search index.

FAST’S AlltheWeb Unveils New, Streamlined User Interface
Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) today unveiled a cleaner and more streamlined look to its popular search showcase site,

Google Builds Largest Ad Program
Google today announced its online advertising program – comprising more than 100,000 advertisers worldwide – is the largest and fastest growing in the industry. The company today also announced a new content-targeted advertising service that extends advertiser reach and makes web pages more useful by replacing untargeted ads with relevant sponsored links.

InfoSpace Announces Availability of Bulk Search Inclusion Program
Today InfoSpace, Inc. announced the availability of its Bulk Search Inclusion program. The new program provides medium-to-large online businesses, those with more than 500 URLs, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) organizations and advertising agencies that represent clients of this size the ability to promote those Web sites.

March 10

Google to Provide Search for Disney Websites
Walt Disney Internet Group and Google today announced an agreement through which Google will provide several Disney web properties with Google’s search technology and sponsored links. Google’s web-wide search results and sponsored links are available now to visitors. Additionally, Google will power site-specific searches and provide sponsored links on, and beginning in the Spring.

March 13

Yahoo en espaÑol Launches Kid-Friendly Yahoo Para NiÑos
Yahoo en espaÑol, a Spanish-language Internet portal, today announced the launch of Yahoo Para NiÑos, a special stand-alone section for children that includes a directory of child-friendly internet sites, interactive games and educational tools for parents and teachers.

March 15

Dogs Roam the Streets to Find Missing Mascot
Today, in the first half of a heroic two-day campaign to find beloved meta-search engine mascot “Arfie,” several of his canine companions pounded the pavement in five major U.S. cities to spread the word of a $20,000 reward for the missing animated Dalmatian dog.

March 18 Announces AdAnalyzer today announced the launch of a AdAnalyzer, a post-click analytical tool that gives advertisers complete control over the success of their online advertising campaign with by showing the actual return on investment (ROI) by keyword and by campaign.

LookSmart Announces Community Additions to Directory Surpass 250,000 Listings Mark Worldwide
LookSmart today announced that Zeal’s community of volunteers has now contributed more than 250,000 high quality, non-commercial listings to its Web directory.

March 19

Yahoo and Inktomi Announce Completion of Acquisition
Yahoo Inc. and Inktomi Corp. today announced the completion of Yahoo’s acquisition of Inktomi.

March 27 Announces its New Campaign Scheduler today announced the launch of a helpful new Campaign Scheduler that allows advertisers to schedule when their campaigns will run.

March 31

AdPile Free Online Shopping Search Software Launched
AdPile Corporation today announced the availability of an innovative free software utility that helps online shoppers easily find multiple vendors of products and services of their interest and comparison-shop online. AdPile searches for users’ keywords through multiple search engine databases simultaneously, collates a targeted list of advertisers of products and services matching users’ interests, and presents this collection of web links in the form of a single, well-organized web page.

FAST Selected By NTT-X Of Japan To Power Multimedia Search
Fast Search & Transfer (FAST) announced today that NTT-X, Inc., one of Japan’s leading Internet service providers, has selected FAST to power the multimedia searching capabilities on its search engine portal site, goo.

Searches at Meta-Search Engine WebCrawler Grow 47 Percent Since Removal of Pop-Up and Banner Advertising
Since removing pop-up and banner advertising in late July 2002, searches at WebCrawler have grown 47 percent, according to internal statistics.

Correction: Popout Prism

Commenting on yesterday’s SearchDay article about Popout Prism, Tracy Kugelman of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) wrote:

“I did not want your readers to think [Popout Prism” is a full application. It is a demonstration within a web browser of better searching capabilities that others can develop.

“Popout prism is part of Enhanced thumbnail which can provide better visual capabilities for searching within large repositories of documents. This technology is available to license from PARC.”

Tracy also noted that the research group has spun out of Xerox and has incorporated under the name Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), a subsidiary company.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

Online search engines news
Google Secures Scandinavian Deal/. Apr 1 2003 2:44PM GMT
Internet: international news
Web Hoax on Killer Virus Triggers Hong Kong Panic/.
Reuters Apr 1 2003 2:17PM GMT
Online search engines news
Google, Ink Search Pact/.
AtNewYork Apr 1 2003 9:03AM GMT
Domain name news
GSA Might Charge for .gov Domain/. Apr 1 2003 5:09AM GMT
ICANN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Not an Arbitration Under Federal Arbitration/.
Mondaq Apr 1 2003 1:02AM GMT
Online search engines news
Are there any ways to evaluate how good our Web-site search is for answering questions?/.
destinationCRM Apr 1 2003 0:28AM GMT
Making Google search in your own backyard/.
Sydney Morning Herald Mar 31 2003 7:32PM GMT
Eniro and Google Sign Co-operative Agreement/.
HUGIN Online Mar 31 2003 2:20PM GMT
Making sense of Web searches/.
Boston Globe Mar 31 2003 11:41AM GMT
Domain name news
If you can’t do the time, don’t register the domain/.
Demys Mar 31 2003 11:21AM GMT
Online search engines news
Wall St. Frets At Google Ipo Stall/.
New York Post Mar 31 2003 9:41AM GMT
War ousts sex, music in Web searches/.
Daily Times Mar 31 2003 0:44AM GMT
Google can humble the hawks/.
Toronto Star Online Mar 30 2003 10:41AM GMT
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