Highlights from the SEW Blog: Nov. 20, 2006

Featured posts from the Search Engine Watch blog, as well as our customary headlines from around the web. If you’re not familiar with our blog, click on any of the links below, or visit the blog’s home page at http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/.

  • Google Expands Mobile Text Ads BetaGoogle has expanded its mobile ads beta test beyond the U.S., U.K., Japan and Germany to eight more countries: France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, China, Ireland, India and Australia. Ads appear above and below Google search results on mobile devices….
  • PCNames Domain SearchThe PCNames domain search engine does exactly what might be expected of it – it searches for domain names and returns results with details on their availability. It does this virtually instantaneously as well – when you being typing the engine offers details on .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .us. Ideally I would prefer to see a wider variety and from a British/European perspective the addition of .uk and .eu would be enormously helpful, but even without that, it’s very useful. Once a search has been run it is then possible to get WHOIS information to research the site,…
  • Ask.com, Google, & Yahoo Fight Raising SEC FeesThe Washington Post reports that the SEC wants to charge new fees for accessing and displaying real-time stock quotes. IAC (Ask.com), Google, Yahoo and others in a coalition are fighting back. “The coalition in particular is looking for the SEC to reverse a staff decision allowing the New York Stock Exchange to increase the fees for displaying information from its Archipelago electronic market, some of which had been free. In authorizing the new charges last month, the commission ruled they were legitimate because they were not out of line with those already imposed by the Nasdaq for similar data.”…
  • Google Holding $200 Million In Escrow For Possible YouTube Copyright CasesFirst Google was rumored to be keeping $500 million back from the YouTube sale to settle possible legal problems. Then Google CEO Eric Schmidt said they weren’t. Today, turns out they are. Google holds back stock in YouTube deal from the Associated Press covers the details about keeping 12.5 percent of the stock swap for one year “to secure certain indemnification obligations.” What Eric Schmidt Meant When He Said Google Wasn’t Holding $500 Million From YouTube For Lawsuits: We’re Holding $200 Million from TechDirt does a summary, plus gives you a funny headline about the entire thing….
  • Loki And ‘Location Pull’If you’re not aware of it, Loki is one of the more interesting developments in local search. It’s a downloadable toolbar from Skyhook Wireless, which initially launched in April, 2006 and has recently been upgraded. (The technology actually works on any WiFi-enabled device.) Once on a browser, it automatically determines user location by triangulating WiFi access points rather than GPS, which isn’t on all devices….
  • New Demographic Heatmaps From HotPadsHotPads is a map-based rental housing search site. The site has launched new heatmaps that contain interesting demographic information showing such data as age, income, percentage of renters and average rent. For example, here’s per capita income in Mahattan. I have some thoughts on what this means for ad targeting on my blog. The site previously created mashups for the November U.S. elections….
  • InfoSpace Launches Kid-Friendly Search Engine Zoo.comInfoSpace has launched kid-friendly search engine Zoo.com, which provides web and news search. Intentionally there is no image search at launch. The content comes from Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia with news content from ABC News, Fox News and Yahoo News. Zoo.com uses several methods to screen out adult sites and phrases and doesn’t generate results for some queries. For example, a search for “sex” yields zero results….
  • Merge Historical Maps With Current World In Google Earth

    Google Earth in 4D from Googling Google is a very nice catch about how Google Earth now allows you to view historical maps within the software. Want to see how people thought the world used to look, before all those satellites were taking pictures? A new layer makes this possible….
  • Google Updates 3rd Party Sitemaps Generator Tools Directory

    The Google Webmaster Central Blog informed us that they have updated their Sitemaps Third Party Programs & Websites page. So if some past tools did not work, give this new list a chance….
  • SEMPO’s 2006 Search Marketing Survey

    SEMPO has been surveying search marketers since the inception of the organization. Kevin Lee wrote a ClickZ article asking search marketers to Voice Your Opinion. SEMPO surveys provide very insightful data, statistics and research for the industry. So please take the time to complete the survey over here. You will be given the results when the report is completed….
  • Articles On Google’s Copyright Conflicts From Me & New York Times

    A Struggle Over Dominance and Definition is good New York Times article out today that looks at Google and whether it is a media company that conflicts with other media owners, especially in terms of using content from others without permission. It also sparked me to finally finish a long piece I’ve been meaning to do on Google, search engines and copyright issues. Search Engines, Permissions & Moving Forward In Copyright Battles is now up over at my personal blog Daggle, covering the important difference between indexing and reprinting, how robots.txt already provides a permissions system, why Google should…


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