Google Makes Room for Thousands of New Googlers in California

Google is expanding its offices in Mountain View and Sunnyvale California, leasing additional space and even planning on re-constructing more dense offices. The major projects, however, have caused some contention with city planners.

Google’s Sunnyvale and Mountain View Expansions

googleplex-signGoogle has recently announced a long-term lease for four buildings in Sunnyvale, California. Google will move in starting in February 2013, at which time the buildings could become the home to 2,860 new employees.

For Sunnyvale, this is a great opportunity.

“This is the strongest leasing activity in this area in a decade,” said Phil Mahoney, executive vice president of the Cornish & Carey, the leasing company that just finalized the agreement with Google, 

Sunnyvale’s economic development director Connie Verceles feels that Google’s move will be great for the area.

“It’s fantastic news to get Google,” she stated. “It’s great that Google continues to expand in close proximity to their headquarters.”

This isn’t the only California expansion for Google, either. The search giant recently leased additional land and purchased new office buildings in Mountain View. Additionally, according to the Wall Street Journal, “the company has signaled it wants to tear down some of its existing buildings and replace them with denser ones as well as with corporate housing.”

Along with the new land lease and building purchases, Google is hoping to build a bridges over a creek that separates the leased land from the main Google offices. This has brought up some concerns for city planners, who feel that the bridges could interfere with public trails. However, both Google and city representatives have indicated they’re hopeful that a fair compromise can be reached.

The Hiring Spree Continues?

Google hired 4,368 new employees in the first half of 2011, and that hiring spree continues; as predicted, Google will have a record hiring year. The leases and expansion slated for 2013 indicate that the hiring spree is likely to continue for at least the next two years.

More than a third of all Googlers reside in Mountain View and the surrounding area. It seems that Google will continue to expand its headquarters to accommodate an employee base that extends 15,000 or more employees for the Mountain View region alone.

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