Twitter Debuts Analytics Platform, Expands Promoted Tweets Distribution

Two announcements from Twitter offer benefits for users and advertisers as much as promise for Twitter investors. Promoted Tweets are now appearing in the feeds of those who don’t follow the advertising brand and yesterday Twitter unveiled a publisher analytics platform to evaluate Tweet button and wrap data.

Twitter Launches Analytics Platform

The long-awaited Twitter analytics platform officially launched at TechCrunch Disrupt. Users have had access to sharing tools in the form of Tweet buttons since last year, and the more recent URL shortener, but the lack of ability to analyze sharing and reading activity was a gaping hole in the service. Advertisers had access to custom analytics, but the average user was out of luck.

With more than 3 million sites employing the Tweet button and 95 percent of all Twitter links using, a platform to capture that data for webmasters is a welcome feature.

Webmasters will be able to see metrics including links to the publisher site, clicks, top links by timeframe, average number of tweets, and percent of tweets generated by the Tweet button. The platform is also integrated with the feed, allowing users to retweet or respond from within the analytics program.

For now, the analytics platform is private and the official word from Twitter is that it will be released to the public “soon.”

Expansion of Promoted Tweets

twitter-money-promoted-tweetsThe expansion of Promoted Tweets was anticipated and predicted by some, as Twitter moves further into the realm of revenue generation. The ads as tweets launched earlier this summer, though users would only see Promoted Tweets for brands they already followed.

The new policy of displaying the tweets to targeted users outside of the brand’s following is being rolled out slowly and only a small percentage of users currently see them.

Promoted Tweets are similar to PPC ads in that advertisers only pay when a user takes action, such as clicking through, replying, or retweeting an ad. Currently, they only appear on the Twitter platform, though a spokesman told AdAge they will “eventually be integrated into the timelines of users on desktop clients such as TweetDeck and mobile apps.”

Twitter has also released several promising stats alongside the announcement of Promoted Tweets:

  • gets 400 million visitors a month, a huge increase from 250 million per month at the beginning of 2011.
  • Half of Twitter’s 200 million registered users log in each month, up 82 percent from the start of the year.
  • Twitter hosts 230 million tweets per day.
  • Twitter expects to add 26 million active users by the end of 2011.

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