3 New AdWords Tests: Clicks for This Search, Subscribe Button & 10 Links

Three new Google AdWords experiments have been spotted in the wild in recent days. One annotates the number of “clicks for this search.” Another adds a subscribe form beneath ad creative. And a third create 10 links in a single AdWords ad unit.

AdWords “Clicks for this Search”

In the first test, Google has added an annotation of “x clicks for this search” next to the display URL. The time element is unclear – is that clicks per day, week, month? AdWords Help Experts spotted this one and grabbed a screenshot.


This is another variation of an AdWords click count test we reported on in June, where Google was adding “x clicks for this advertiser”. There was also a shorter version, simply annotated as “x clicks”.

AdWords Subscribe Option

Group Twenty Seven spied what appears to be a new AdWords option that allows Google users to subscribe directly from a PPC ad by using a form beneath the ad creative to input their email address and name. A “Privacy info” link appears next to the subscribe button. Here’s their screenshot:


I was able to recreate this, but as a top AdWords ad rather than on the side. Now, the button gives the option to “Subscribe to newsletter.”


Clicking on the “Privacy info” tells you that “Information you submit will be shared with this advertiser.”

10 Links Per AdWords Unit

Google already shows up to six ad sitelinks. But it seems that still isn’t enough, as Google is now making it possible for some brands to receive a total of 10 clickable links in a single ad unit and further eat up space above organic search results. This screenshot from SEOBook shows three additional links beneath the sitelinks:


I can’t recreate this ad, but it appears as though those bottom three links send you directly to a product landing page.

What do you think of these new AdWords formats? Have you seen any others? Let us know in the comments.

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