Google iPad Search App Update Adds Instant Search


Google has announced a series of updates to its Google Search app for the iPad to entice users to search via its service rather than the device’s native Safari tool.

These include its Google Instant search capability to display results as the user types and improved visual displays for image searches by creating a carousel to let users swipe through images that are displayed on a dark background.

Google has also added a new search history system that is designed to make it easier to find old searches on the iPad, as Google’s software engineer for the iPad, Daniel Fish, explained in a blog post.

“Often you may be looking to find something you have seen before or are continuing research on a topic. But on a tablet, typing can be a challenge. That is why we have created a visual way to explore your search history,” he said.

“Swipe right to view snapshots of pages you’ve visited, stacked and organized by search term. You can also manage your search history from this new view.”

Google has also integrated elements of its Google+ tool by including a +1 button that allows users to recommend pages while searching. The update is available now across all regions and runs on iOS 4 and above.

However, while the update is good news for iPad owners, several Android tablet owners voiced their frustration with Google for prioritizing the capabilities of the search app for a rival operating system, rather than its own platform.

“When is this going to come to Android? An experience like the new iOS Google Search app provides is severely lacking on Android,” said one user, Brian Robinson, in a comment on the blog post.

Another commentator, Sean Brown, said the upgrade seemed to suggest Google thought the iPad was a superior product to Android tablets.

“I’m glad I decided to buy an Android tablet over an iPad because I really enjoy getting slapped in the face every time I read your blog. I either need to ‘upgrade’ to an iPad or stop reading the blog,” he complained.

This article was originally published on V3.

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