Google Chromebooks Get Price Drop, Updates, In-Flight WiFi

Google’s cloud-based computers are getting a holiday-season push. Chromebooks are getting a price drop, the Chrome OS is getting some in-demand tweaks, and those taking plane trips for the holidays may get access to a free Chromebook during their flight.

New Prices on Chromebooks


As announced by Venkat Rapaka, Senior Product Manager, in a recent Google post, Chromebooks will be dropping in price just in time for the holiday buying frenzy. All official Chromebook partners should see the price drop immediately. Here are the new list prices:

  • Samsung 5 3G: $449
  • Samsung 5 WiFi: $349
  • Acer AC-700 3G: $399
  • Acer AC-700 WiFi: $299

This represents a price drop of roughly $50 to each model, and brings the lowest model in at under $300. Additionally, Samsung is now offering a black version of their WiFi-only model (previously available only in pearl).

Chrome OS Updates

Also just in time for the holidays, the Chrome OS is seeing some much screamed-for changes. While there have been some nice aesthetic upgrades (the Chrome Web Store and the user login page have both been re-touched), the big addition is easy access to vital OS locations.

As noted in the recent Google statement, users can now find simple links to the “File Manager on your Chromebook, as well as to music apps and games in the Chrome Web Store,” right from the “new tab” page.

Google’s core pitch for the Chrome OS remains the same, though, as indicated by the video below.

Google and Virgin Continue Their Wireless Partnership

Google is also re-upping their partnership with Virgin in offering Chromebooks during flights. This partnership started earlier this year, with Virgin offering free Chromebooks to use after lift-off. Then, earlier this month, Google partnered with Virgin yet again to offer free in-flight WiFi.

You can check out more details on how to get a Chromebook with WiFi access for your flight on the Virgin Chrome Zone site.

Do you have a Chromebook? Does the price drop make you want to get one? What other updates and upgrades does Chrome OS need to win you over? Leave us your thoughts in the comments, below.

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