Google Launches Interactive Rich Media Ads for Tablet Advertising


Google has launched a series of new rich media ad formats, designed to engage tablet and mobile users. Consumers “have higher expectations of ads on tablets, believing they should be more interactive and touch screen friendly,” they said in a Google Mobile Ads blog post announcing the new ads.

They’ve created a series of templates that allow marketers to drop in existing media, such as photos and logos. The templates are optimized for mobile, tablets, or desktop targeting.

Google released a two-minute infomercial video describing the new interactive rich media ad templates, currently in beta, which include:

  • Spotlight showcase
  • 360 showcase
  • Swipable gallery
  • Catalog gallery
  • Scatter gallery
  • Stack gallery
  • Slideshow showcase
  • Slideshow banners
  • Locator, for local rich media to drive foot traffic

The new ad format development was the result of two Google studies this year. The first was on tablet search trends; the second a deeper look into how consumers engage across different devices and how they’re actually using their tablets. Search Engine Watch’s Howie Jacobson offered his recommendations on advertising to tablet users based on the results of those studies.

Coincidentally (or not), these new ad formats are coming into play just as Google has released Currents, an iOS and Android-friendly news and social reader app.

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