Twitter Offers Enhanced Profiles to Advertisers Spending $25K+

Twitter’s brand pages are about to become a lot more common. Advertisers with more than $25,000 in active orders are now eligible for the enhanced profiles. An email from a Twitter ad exec obtained by Ad Age lists the release date as Wednesday, February 1.

Back in December, Twitter announced their brand page program alongside their new user interface. At the time, they were offering the enhanced company profiles to a select group of 21 of their top advertisers, rumored to have spent more than $2 million per year each on Twitter advertising including Promoted Tweets, Accounts, and Trends.

We had a chance to speak with a few of those advertisers a few weeks ago. Bing and Coca-Cola both shared their experiences with Twitter’s brand pages and tips for the next generation of advertisers offered the enhanced profiles.


At that time, we also looked at an eye tracking study by Simple Usability, which offered some valuable insight into which page elements were likely to draw and hold user attention – and which didn’t work quite as well, given the unclickable nature of brand page banner images.

Though Twitter hasn’t released a list of new advertisers, expect this rollout to be substantial. Actually, $25,000 is a fairly low threshold, given Twitter’s advertising rates. Last summer, director of revenue Adam Bain shared a few key figures with ClickZ: while Promoted Accounts and Tweets are auction-based, Promoted Trends were going for $120,000 per day at the time.

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