Super Bowl Stat Time: Wolfram|Alpha Offers Stats Guide for Football Junkies

If you want Super Bowl stats, the self-described computational knowledge engine Wolfram|Alpha is the place to break down all the key Super Bowl 46 numbers before the New England Patriots and New York Giants game kicks off tomorrow night.

Wolfram|Alpha teamed up with sports information provider STATS to offer the Guide to Pro Football Statistics, which could very well become a great resource for fantasy football players next season.

You can type simple or complex questions about individual NFL players and teams, or get a little more creative by comparing teams, players, or games for seasons dating back to 1985.

Among the queries you can try to get you ready for the Super Bowl:


  • New England Patriots vs. New York Giants: This query will show the most basic information for football newbies (such as city, conference, division), team logos, 2011 season standings, 2011 season game totals (which you can further break down by defense, offense, passing, rushing, receiving, returns, kicking, and punting stats) and totals by position (passing, rushing, receiving, defense, kicking).
  • Patriots vs. Giants postseason: This will show you their head-to-head matchups (from Super Bowl 42 four years ago), game information, totals, and stats.
  • Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady: This will give you an overall comparison, but if you just want to know their QB rating, passing touchdowns, or passing yards during the 2011 season, Wolfram|Alpha will tell you the stats and also visualize the data in a chart for these and other statistics you want to know.
  • Giants versus Patriots regular season game in 2011: See the box score, game information, game totals and player stats from their week 9 clash in Foxborough, Mass.
  • Patriots and Giants at Lucas Oil Stadium: Neither team has won a game there, although the Giants have only played there once (the so-called “Manning Bowl” in 2010) and the Patriots were winless in two visit to the Indianapolis Colts home stadium.
  • Weather at Lucas Oil Stadium 6:30PM this Sunday: Though weather shouldn’t be a factor at kickoff time since the roof will likely be closed.

Curious about the results of previous Super Bowls? You can also explore some Super Bowl history. Or you can type in Super Bowl plus the number (or a year) to see the location, results, attendance, teams, scores, and more.

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