Google Doodle Marks Spring Equinox with Logo by Finnish Fashion House


Google marked the first day of spring 2012 by transforming their search homepage logo to a colorful animal and floral motif. The design, by Finnish fashion design house Marimekko, features a pink zebra possibly wearing Wellingtons (as observed by one British user, who shall remain nameless).

Unlike most Google Doodles, the letters of the Google logo are almost indistinguishable, in keeping with Marimekko’s signature style. The first “G” in the logo is a large blue flower, taken from Marimekko’s “Unikko” floral fabric design.

The remaining letters are a smaller pink flower, a yellow stork, two blue butterflies, a green truck seemingly stacked full of watermelons, and the mysterious zebra mentioned above. Though it may not be a zebra at all… the long-legged pink striped creature that makes the “e” in the Google logo might actually be a zebra-donkey cross (a zonkey or zebrass) or even a zebra-horse (a zebroid).

So in answer to the question raised on-stage at SES New York this morning: “Why is there a zebra in the first day of spring Google Doodle?” Maybe there’s not…

Today’s Google Doodle is inanimate and links to the search results for “The Spring Equinox.”

Marimekko was founded by Viljo and Armi Ratia; their first fashion show took place in 1951 at the stylish Kalastajatorppa hotel in Helsinki. Their line was an instant hit and the following year, the pair opened their first shop in Finland’s capital.

In 1960, Jacqueline Kennedy posed on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a sleeveless red Marimekko dress, propelling them to instant icon status in the fashion world. Today, their colorful designs and clean cuts are available the world over.

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