“Zerg Rush” Google Easter Egg: Play a Starcraft-Inspired Game


Type “zerg rush” (without the quotes) on Google to discover a new Google Easter egg that turns your search results page turn into a shootout against red and yellow zeroes, plunking down and around the page to devour the user’s search results. Your job is to protect your search results and sidebar from these mini zergs, which may crawl up from the bottom of the page, as well.

Google tracks the user’s actions per minute (APM) and zerg kill count in a score box on the far right of the screen. Once all of the search results have been eaten by zergs, the enemies gather at the top of the (almost) blank page to form two Gs.


Users can share their score on – where else? – Google+. Scrolling a bit farther down the page shows a link to search results for zerg videos.

“For n00bs who aren’t as familiar with real-time strategy games, there’s been a zerg rush on your search results page,” according to a Google spokesperson. “Because there should always be time to practice your gaming skills, click on the zerg units to defend the results page and try not to get pwned. Then you can share your APM score on Google+. GLHF!”

What is a “Zerg Rush”? It’s an online gaming term originating from the game “Starcraft” and “the ‘Zerg’ race is notoriously known for its ability to mass-produce offensive units within a short time frame, thus allowing the player to overpower the opponent by sheer number,” according to Know Your Meme.

Have you tried out the Zerg game on Google? If not, good luck, have fun!

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