Google AdWords Tests Trusted Stores Endorsements

wayfair-trusted-store-adwords-ppc-adLooks like Google has started testing out customer service endorsements inside paid search ads according to Internet Retailer. About a dozen of Trusted Stores’ “couple hundred” retailers are taking part in this experiment.

Google Trusted Stores is a customer service program that takes into account reviews, shipping times, products, customer issues resolved and a variety of other factors. To participate, retailers must surrender all the above information to Google. Participating e-tailers can include the Google endorsement on their web pages.

Google is testing a variety of new Trusted Stores paid search ads to see which perform the best. As Internet Retailer explained:

For instance, “Google Trusted Store” might appear below the main link for a retailer, or the Trusted Stores badge with information about how the retailer rates in certain areas (for instance, “99% of issues resolved in under two days.”) “Some versions will perform well, some won’t,” Fallows says. “We’ll pick the winners and riff off those.”

There is no timeline as to when you’ll start seeing these test or when they’ll end and be open to the general public to put up on their ads. Not all retailers taking part on the overall Trusted Stores program have the program badges visible on their e-commerce sites.

“We are still participating in the Google Trusted Stores Program, but we have taken the badge off while we’re in the processes of making it easier to use on our site,” said Jonathan Johnson, President of Overstock, one of the participants in the program. “We should have the Google badge back on the site in the next week or so.”

It’s not said when the official announcement of this program will take place or if it even will. We’ll keep you updated on this.

What do you think of this new test that Google is doing? Is it something worth doing? Does this allow Google too much control over all the companies participating in the program?

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