Blekko SEO Tool Now Gets More Up-To-Date Info from Search Engine Crawler

Blekko has announced a major improvement to their free SEO tools, by way of more comprehensive, current crawl data from their Scoutjet crawler. Blekko highlighted five of the most noteworthy upgrades:

  • Continuous updating of its crawl and index
  • Hourly updates for top ranked sites
  • Continuous updating of SEO data, including page content, meta data, and duplicate text
  • Continuous updating of inbound link counts
  • More than 4 billion page indexed, and more than 100 million pages updated daily

Blekko’s crawler now relays data to Blekko SEO tools in real-time, giving marketers access to the most up-to-date information about their webpages, as the search engine sees them.


Blekko is known as the Slashtag engine, thanks to their use of slashtags to bring back relevant information in different verticals, or according to different parameters such as /date or /blog.

Typing /seo after a query in the Blekko engine gives the user access (when signed in) to information on inbound links, duplicate content, site pages, and more. Users can also access them by clicking the SEO tool in the second line of each result.

With this upgrade, the Scoutjet crawler updates information available on top ranked pages every hour, or once a week for other high quality pages, and makes it available in their free SEO tools.


“When it comes to pages crawled, the sweet spot for blekko is a little more than 4 billion pages. To keep our crawl fresh, we update at least 100 million pages each day,” Blekko’s Director of Engineering wrote in the blog post announcement. “As soon as our crawler, Scoutjet, crawls a webpage, users have access to information about it through blekko’s SEO product. We want to enable people to see the Internet the way a search engine sees it, especially what the rest of the internet is saying about an url.”

Blekko’s last major upgrade was in December 2011, when they revealed a new, cleaner UI and increased the engine’s capacity to autofire slashtags from the previous 100 to over 500 categories.

Are Blekko’s tools a few of those in your SEO arsenal? Let us know what you think of the changes in the comments!

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