Bing Adds Facebook Friend Tagging to Search

Bing has taken yet another step to make search more social. It’s been only a short time since Bing added their social sidebar to search. Now Bing is introducing the ability to tag your Facebook friends while you search.

Tagging friends, says Bing, will help users easily share search results with their friends to ask for suggestions on the best locations or items returned in a Bing search result, allowing you to “tap into the collective wisdom of your social network.”


For example, if you’re travelling and want to meet someone for coffee, you can share a coffee search result with your friends, asking them which ones have the best WiFi or which is closest to their office.

Practically speaking, you could also use this feature post a meet-up to your Facebook timeline, tagging friends that are with you. However, you can only tag up to five friends at a time for any given search.

Bing stresses security. Everything is permission-based before posting questions to your Facebook timeline.

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