Google Smashes U.S. Search Market Share Record, Closes in on 70%

Google Bing Yahoo logosIn October, Google smashed its own search engine market share record, accounting for 66.9 percent of all searches conducted in the U.S., comScore reported. Microsoft’s Bing also had a record month, hitting a less spectacular though still noteworthy 16 percent share.

Prior to hitting 66.9 percent in October (up from 66.7 percent in September), Google’s previous record was 66.8 percent, which it hit in both June and July of this year. In October 2011, Google’s search market share was at 65.4 percent.

Bing, meanwhile, continued its slow and steady accumulation of market share, growing from 15.9 percent in September to 16 percent in October. In October 2011, Bing’s market share stood at 14.8 percent.

Yahoo, which has either lost market share or held steady for the past 15 months now, held steady month-over-month from September to October at 12.2 percent. In October last year, 15.2 percent of searches went to Yahoo. Yahoo’s organic results are powered by Bing.

Ask accounted for 3.2 percent of searches in October (down from 3.5 percent in September) and AOL held steady from September to October at 1.8 percent. In October 2011, Ask was at 2.9 percent and AOL at 1.5 percent.

As a reminder, comScore measures desktop (home and work) searches only. Mobile searches aren’t included in these numbers.

Google-powered organic searches grew to 69.5 percent in October, up from 69.4 percent in September, while Bing-powered searches fell to 25 percent in October, down from 25.1 percent in September, comScore reported.

After a noteworthy dip in the number of September searches (to 16.3 billion), “explicit core” searches grew 8 percent to 17.6 billion in October. Google led the way with 11.8 billion searches (up from 10.9 billion in September); Bing was second with 2.8 billion searches (up from 2.6 billion); Yahoo was third with 2.1 billion searches (up from 2 billion); Ask was fourth with 560 million searches (down from 565 million); and AOL came in fifth with 309 million searches (up from 287 million).

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