Google Shopping for Suppliers Launches for B2B Products

A new Google Shopping program, Google Shopping for Suppliers, was recently launched in beta to help “users searching for B2B products to quickly find what they’re looking for, evaluate options and connect with suppliers to make their purchases.”

As reported by CPC Strategy, it’s only open to sellers in electrical and electronic products currently. Here’s a look at what a product page looks like on Google Shopping for Suppliers:


Here’s what you should know about Google Shopping for Suppliers:

  • Data Feed Changes: Unlike the Google Shopping feed, supplies are not required to adhere to shopping policies for pricing, shipping, taxes and refunds. You can check out the Google Shopping for Suppliers policies here.
  • Participation: If you’re looking to list through Google Shopping for suppliers, you’ll need to apply with a company profile and verification documents. Suppliers are also required to pay an annual verification fee. Learn more about the Google Shopping for Suppliers sign up process and management here.
  • Perks: Suppliers in the beta Shopping for Suppliers program will have a badge associated with their store, along with a public profile as seen below:


Google appears to be competing with sites like to spur the online global trade market in the U.S.

What do you think? Good move by Google? Bad move? Let us know in the comments.

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