SEO Book Gives Readers a Visual Step-by-Step Marketing Blueprint

search-engine-optimization-kristopher-jones-coverKristopher Jones, renowned Internet marketing expert and former president and CEO of Pepperjam, has done it again.

The third edition of his “Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing” is fabulous for budding SEOs, and still proves to be a great reference guide for SEO professionals of all levels.

Perhaps you focus on keywords and copywriting, but need a nudge of reminder here and there on link building or PPC. You’re covered.

The 304-page book is broken up into 15 sections. Covering SEO and keyword basics to creating pages and structuring your website through to content, communities, social media, link building, PPC, analytics, tools and tricks to have you optimizing with the best of them. The third edition adds a new chapter on local SEO that will have you optimizing like a boss.

All this great content is laid out visually with an image on nearly every page. If the soup-to-nuts SEO how-to doesn’t grab you, the visual layout and ease of absorption should.

What Makes It So Popular

Search Engine Watch recently caught up with Jones to ask him what makes the book so special. He said that while many webmasters and web designers are great at what they do, they often have limited knowledge on SEO.

“It’s a great reference while you’re building a site,” Jones said. “If your company is updating your site, read this with your development team.”

Indeed, the book has found a real niche with web firms that need to offer SEO services or those who may not have the full handle on SEO and still outsource some of it.

“It’s also found a niche with small business owners who need to improve their optimization, but may not have the budget for a full SEO firm.”

Getting Started with SEO

Right from the start, Jones delivers SEO basics, simplified and visual. This chapter gives you the basics on how to create your search engine optimization plans.

From choosing your target audience and selecting terms through content and link building plans, this chapter sets the stage for how to get started. It talks about putting a team together and how to find resources like industry news and search conferences.

If You Build It

The book progresses to creating sites and pages with an emphasis on SEO. One chapter is dedicated to title tags, meta tags, headers, and file names. Other chapters focus on site architecture and server-side issues like rewrites and redirects.

If you’re more technical and have optimized site architecture but are struggling with building quality content and gathering great inbound links, there’s a chapter for each included.

Community Building and Special Media Optimization

Not stopping at technical SEO, Jones includes content on creating blogs and other online communities. He explains the benefits, such as fresh content and user engagement.

Social media is also covered extensively. From networking and promoting to ads, Jones covers social media from every angle. The third edition adds information about connecting with Pinterest and Google+ as well as all the new Facebook sponsored stories and Ads and other paid products.

Pay-Per-Click for Novices and Veterans

Many technical SEOs are not completely versed in the art of pay-per-click (PPC). In the two chapters dedicated to PPC, Jones starts with setting up AdWords campaigns and bidding strategies but doesn’t stop there.

After covering reports, optimizing a landing page and conversion tracking, he teaches you about Quality Score is and how to optimize it. Through the same visual presentation, Jones covers keyword insertion, placement-targeted campaigns and re-marketing.

Optimizing For Local Search

Local SEO is more important than ever. Search results are customized based on a user’s location and mobile continues to change the game.

One of the all-new chapters in the book, Optimizing for Local Search, introduces the importance of local search and how Google+ fits in. Jones then walks you through how to create and link up your Google+ business page for optimizing for local SEO. It continues with the importance of local directory listings, like ReferLocal, and how to make the most of them.

The Only SEO Book You’ll Ever Need

“Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing” is truly the one book you’ll really ever need. Without bogging you down in too much added detail it gets right to the heart of the core elements every good SEO needs to know.

If you’re new to SEO or trying to get team members up to speed, this book is just what the doctor ordered. Jones is an industry leader with real-world experiences. The foreword, written by Internet Marketing Ninjas’ CEO Jim Boykin, validates the techniques Jones describes. Do yourself and your team a favor and find the $35 get up to speed on everything SEO.

Win a Free Signed Copy!

Jones has been kind enough to offer SEW readers the chance to win one of five signed copies. To learn how to get your hands on a free copy of “Search Engine Optimization: Your visual blueprint for effective Internet marketing”, visit SEW’s Facebook Page. Good luck!

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