Google AdWords Express Gets a Facelift

Google’s AdWords Express is the latest Google property to receive a makeover. AdWords Express, designed to be an easy introduction to AdWords for local businesses, has been redesigned to make it easier for new users as well as to streamline the process.

Diving into Google AdWords for someone with little or no pay-per-click experience can be a bit overwhelming. AdWords Express was designed specifically for those potential advertisers, to help them set up and manage their AdWords advertising, and the new changes to the process should make it even easier.


The dashboard has been redesigned to give advertisers quick and easy stats right there, without having to click through to get that information. It includes a summary of the number of clicks, the allocation of the monthly budget including spend and budget remaining, as well as the number of views of their AdWords ads.

They have also made the process shorter setting up, reducing it to three-steps and designed to only take a few minutes to create an ad, select an audience, and setting a budget. They have also added real-time ad previews, so advertisers can see how their ad will appear right as they create it.

AdWords Express is a great way for advertisers to get their toes wet in the world of online advertising, and it is great to see Google continue to support this and to drive more advertisers to AdWords. It will also enhance those local businesses who are setting up Google+ business pages and are considering doing AdWords as an extension of that.

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