Blekko’s New Search Results Aim to Take the Guesswork Out of Intent

Blekko, the “spam-free” search engine is on a mission to differentiate from the competition, and has been since launching in 2010. Today, Blekko unveiled a new layout for search results that aims to take the guesswork out of intent by offering users new choices to drill down search results.

Now when users perform a search on Blekko, they are presented with several categories related to the query, and the user chooses which category is most relevant to them.

In a statement, Blekko explained the new functionality:

“A search for Tesla will break results down into categories like Cars, Technology, History and Science, understanding that the search may be from someone planning to buy a car or researching a history paper on Nikola Tesla.”

Here’s what it looks like in action for the search query “apple.” You’ll see there are several categories to explore, including news results for the tech company Apple, or recipes for the fruit. Clicking on any one category expands the results.


Results are curated from Blekko’s own original search index, Dynamic Inference Graph (DIG) algorithm¬†and editorial evaluation.

Blekko founder Rich Skrenta said the new search results empower users to get to the best content for any given query, rather than scanning through a “list of blue links.”

You can try out the new search for yourself at

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