Google Still Taking a Beating Over Max Mosley S&M Party Search Results

my-nazi-orgy-with-f1-bossMax Mosley, former president of the FIA and Formula One racing is still battling Google in an epic suit that’s gone after the search engine in two European countries over search results he wants gone.

Even though Mosley has managed to collect more than a $100,000 in damages from News Corp. in two countries, he’s not satisfied until the Google search engine has a special algorithm to detect and delete certain content, specifically of him participating in an S&M party with multiple prostitutes.

Google said in a French court this week that it had removed hundreds of pages for Mosley and stands ready to remove others he identifies, but that the law does not support his demand for the creation of “an unprecedented new Internet censorship tool,” according to Bloomberg.

Mosley’s lawyer said this case could be important to paving the way for more cases against Google in Europe and beyond. It’s certainly not the first case against Google from plaintiffs requesting censorship.

Earlier this year, a German federal court ruled Google must restrict information in its autocomplete when it violates personal rights. That case was brought about when a plaintiff said defamatory autocomplete results linked him to fraud.

Germany’s former First Lady, Bettina Wulff, also battled Google for autocomplete results that suggest she’s linked to prostitution.

Similar cases have been brought about in Japan and the U.S. In all these cases, the plaintiffs claimed the defamatory content presented in Google search results was false. In the case of Mosley, he’s not denying the S&M event happened, he just wants it erased from the Internet’s memory.

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