Google+ Brings Automatic Authorship to WordPress & Typepad, Lets You Embed Posts

Seth Sternberg, the Product Management Director for Google+, announced two new initiatives yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt and on the Google+ Developer blog.

The first of these was regarding the authorship program. A partnership with WordPress and Typepad means that now bloggers on both platforms can sign in to their respective platforms using their Google+ accounts, automatically tying their accounts together without having to go through any of the previously defined hoops.

So if you’re on either of those platforms and you have yet to link your blogger’s accounts to their Google+ profiles, it just got a whole lot easier for you.

Google Plus Embed Post

The second announcement was that, as Twitter and Facebook have previously done, you can now embed your Google+ posts on your blogging platform of choice. Simply click the drop down box at the top right of any post and click on the “Embed Post” option. You then get a popup box that allows you to copy the embed code and place it wherever you want.

Google Plus Embed Code

The embed feature isn’t a game changer, it’s more of a “keeping up with the Jones'” feature. The authorship tie in with the most popular blogging platform in the world, that would appear to have a lot of potential upside for Google+.

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