Google Updates Android Search App; Teases New iPhone/iPad Search App

Google iPhone Buy Olive Oil

Google pushed out several updates to the Google Search app for Android 4.1+ users this week. The company also has revealed plans for a new version of the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad users.

Google also announced a new look and feel for Google search across mobile devices.

“It’s cleaner and simpler, optimized for touch, with results clustered on cards so you can focus on the answers you’re looking for,” Google said in a blog post.

Google Updates Search App for Android

Here’s what’s new if you download the updated app from Google Play:

  • Related website for current location
  • Real-time sports and flight updates, no 15 min delay
  • Set reminders from Google searches for album & book releases, tv shows
  • Car rental reservations from Gmail
  • Event tickets for select websites
  • Improved public transit card
  • Additional Smart-TV cards for news & music currently on TV
  • Ability to tell family & friends when you’ve left work (rolling out gradually)
  • Choose calendars and edit reminders

Coming Soon: New Google Search App for iPhone & iPad

Attention iPhone and iPad users: expect a new version of Google’s Search app in the next couple of weeks, with push notifications. The new version is designed to give you notifications across devices, Google announced.

So if you tell your Nexus 7, “OK Google. Remind me to buy olive oil at Safeway,” when you walk into the store with your iPhone, you’ll get a reminder. We’ll also show you Google Now notifications so you’re not late to your cooking class.

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