Adobe Analytics Adds 6 New Features

It seems that 2013 is shaping up to be the year of analytics. Today, Adobe revealed their new features that extend functionality for their customers. According to Adobe, the updates are designed to enhance data analysis for rapid identification of key metrics to take action on.

The list of new Adobe Analytics features is quite expansive and includes:

  • Predictive analytics and anomaly detection
  • Expanded real-time reporting
  • Data visualization updates
  • Expanded mobile analytics capabilities
  • Conversion analysis for app transactions
  • Video metrics reports


Adobe Analytics is a true statistical geek’s software package. Some of the new ad hoc analysis includes better usability for understanding the context around site visitors data trends. It helps visualize and find the actionable meaning of mean, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation by overlaying column data in graphs.

Helping an analyst filter through the noise, the new anomaly detection in Adobe Analytics identifies outliers – data points that fall outside normal trends. It “learns” which values are anomalies and which should be within a certain rang based on historical range trends.


“Today’s marketers are being held accountable for consistently improving the returns they can deliver on marketing spend,” said Bill Ingram, vice president of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Social. “New Adobe Analytics capabilities like predictive analytics and data visualization will help marketers understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and drive better business results.”

More impressive, however, is Adobe’s commitment to non-traditional web analytics. In-app Conversion Analysis calculates key actions users take while in your mobile app. The new video metrics captures user data every 10 seconds for content and every 5 seconds for ads using what they call “heartbeat” measurements.

Video analytics, however, is just the start of Adobe’s real-time reporting changes. Adobe is making a big investment in helping analysts feel the pulse of business as it happens.

As retailers will confirm during busy shopping seasons where controlling inventory and reordering becomes significantly important, real-time data is invaluable. With the new real-time features, high-granularity data can be analyzed literally within seconds of it being collected using samples taken several times per minute.

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