Google Improves GDN Targeting With Bizo Audience Segments

target-your-customersAs advertisers continue to require their digital marketing efforts accountable for results, the ability to deliver display advertising directly to your target market is essential. Each day hundreds of millions of impressions are shown below the fold or go ignored by non-relevant web surfers. Ad verifications tool shave helped decrease wasted impressions, but advertisers still waste impressions on users who are not interested in their products.

While behavioral targeting, lookalike modeling and content based targeted can help get your ads in front of you customer, there is still a significant amount of wasted impressions. Adding on third party data can increase the granularity of which you display ads are served. Guaranteeing you’re reaching the right audience with the right messaging.

While Google has made strides in the past, until now, much of Google’s ability to target on their display network focused on content. While advertisers could control specific sites and placements, DSPs and direct to partner buys often provided superior targeting capabilities. Even networks such as Facebook and Twitter have email level targeting that can ensure impressions are delivered to the correct audience.

To combat this, Google is currently beta testing new targeting capabilities through a partnership with Bizo. Bizo has access to over 120 million business professionals across the world. Their B2B database can be leveraged across email, display and social. In this case, with their audience targeting layered on top of GDN buy, you can guarantee your ads are getting in front of the right audience. There is a wide array of audience segments available such as beauty, fashion, parenting, technology, music and many more.

Advertisers can select Bizo audience segments within Google AdWords for their display campaigns. Performance data of the Bizo targeted campaigns is housed directly in AdWords, which can lead to real time optimization and performance reporting. The audience segments available get quite granular so the transparency within AdWords for real time optimizations is a plus.

The audience segment targeting is applicable to both display and video targeting options through Google AdWords.

CPMs and CPCs for this type of advertising on the GDN will most likely be inflated compared to traditional display targeting options. This is due to the cost of Bizo and other third party data providers being baked into your advertising costs.

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