Majestic SEO Site Explorer Now Integrates With Twitter

Majestic SEO has a new feature that integrates their Majestic Site Explorer and Twitter. When webmasters are discussing link profiles for any site, they can include a link to a Majestic link profile result, and it will automatically include the link profile embedded directly in the tweet.

This handy feature makes it easy for you to tweet a snapshot of any website’s linking profile, including the Link Profile Chart if it’s available.

“Now any Twitter user wanting to demonstrate the influence (or lack of influence) of any page or domain can do so without anyone needing to leave Twitter,” said Dixon Jones, Majestic SEO’s marketing director.

Majestic SEO Link Profile Twitter Card

The ability to embed this information right in a tweet means webmasters don’t have to do their own research to know what someone might be talking about when they mention a particular website’s linking strategy, since the Trust Flow, Link Profile, number of external backlinks, and the number of referring domains is included with the tweet.

The integration is done through rich snippet style semantic markup tailored to the Twitter API. The feature is now live, and can be embedded in any tweet simply by linking to any Majestic link profile page within the tweet.

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