Google Brings NHL, NBA Video Highlights to Search Results

Google has launched a new feature that allows sports fans to see video highlights from the previous night’s game when they search for the team name. The video is embedded at the top of the search results, with the score in a box on the left and the video beside it on the right:

Brooklyn Nets Video Highlights in Google Search

All videos are from the official YouTube channel of either the NHL or the NBA, meaning Google isn’t displaying videos that are posted to YouTube by the teams themselves or fans. The videos appear above the organic search results.

The videos are a few minutes in length, and provide a full recap of the game with commentary, so it’s great for those who want to see the highlights from the game the previous night that they might’ve missed. You can also click the arrow and see the results for the previous seven games as well as information on the next upcoming game.

Google only shows videos for teams that played a game the previous night. So, for example, if you search for the Chicago Blackhawks or Minnesota Wild, teams that played an NHL playoff game Sunday, Google won’t show any highlight videos.

You can also search for just the team name as well. For example, searching for [Spurs] brings up the details for the San Antonio Spurs complete with video, as does searching for [Canadiens].

Montreal Canadiens Video Highlights in Google Search

This new feature seems to be restricted to just NHL and NBA games at this time.

If you search for any Major League Baseball teams, you won’t find any highlight videos from YouTube in the search results, even if they just played a game last night. Although the MLB has a YouTube channel, their videos aren’t in a game recap format; rather, they focus on specific plays from games without any commentary other than what was said live during the game.

Hat tip to Samuel Edwards from Tenthwave for spotting the change.

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