Yahoo Recovers From Search Share Low in June

Yahoo is gaining incremental search share, with July showing a 0.2 percent increase from the month prior at 10 percent share, according to comScore U.S. search engine rankings. This is a recovery for Yahoo, as June showed its lowest ever search share falling to 9.8 percent.Google Bing Yahoo logos

Still, Yahoo is down more than a percentage point year-over-year (YoY), with July 2013 showing search share at 11.3 percent.

Yahoo’s chief executive (CEO) Marissa Mayer has been under fire lately by one very vocal shareholder at, Eric Jackson. Jackson argues that her compensation is not linked to performance, and the fact that Mayer has been selling shares of Yahoo stock sends the wrong message, he says:

As an investor – and if I was an employee – I want all a CEO’s net worth tied up in a company. I want them to feel like their future wealth and reputation depends on their current company being really successful. I think it sends the wrong message to employees to be selling $650,000 in stock every two weeks for walking around money in your pocket.

For its part, Google saw a 0.2 percentage loss from June in July at 67.4 percent, but this is still 0.4 percentage points higher YoY for Google.

Bing showed a 0.1 percentage climb to 19.3 percent share in July, which puts it more than 1 percent higher than this time last year. Fortunately, in July, both Bing and Yahoo saw a slight climb, which suggests they weren’t trading market share, which has been an outcome in the past of the Yahoo-Microsoft search deal.

In addition, Ask showed a 0.1 percent decrease in share in July to 2.0 percent, which puts it at a 0.7 percent loss YoY. AOL held steady at 1.3 percent share in July – a 0.1 percent increase YoY.

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