Google AdWords Incorporates Focused Bid Automation and Bulk Editing

In a post on Google+, Google Ads announced it would add new conversion settings to AdWords.

This feature will give users the “flexibility to choose which specific conversions to include in bid automation.”

While Google AdWords has had bid automation functionality for some time, it wasn’t until now that users could optimize for the clicks that drive the most business.

How Does Ad Optimization Work?

Google Support has additional information on how to enable the Optimization setting.

  • Once the setting is turned on, AdWords will focus on providing the majority of conversions for that action by optimizing bids.
  • If an advertiser is using manual bidding, the data will be available but the bids will not be automated.

Below is an example of the highlighted conversion opportunities from Google AdWords:


In addition to adding focus to bid automation, Google AdWords has added additional functionality for managing AdWords in bulk.

Updating AdWords settings can be time-consuming, considering how many campaigns an advertiser may run at any given time. Now, users can change their settings quickly and apply those changes across thousands of campaigns instantaneously.

The functionality included as part of this update allows users to:

  • Filter campaigns targeting specific locations
  • Add a new targeted location to multiple campaigns
  • And adjust language, end dates, and ad rotation

Google provided an example of this new feature as seen below.


Google has not only added an update to streamline the management of multiple campaigns, but also a tool that enables advertisers to better target their customers.

Are you someone that has a substantial amount of experience with Google AdWords? If so, how will the new Optimization feature change your AdWords game?

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