Google AdWords Conversion Values Add Multiple Currency Support

As of August 21, AdWords users can easily measure the revenue driven by their ads if they accept more than one currency on their website or app.

That’s according to a post on Google+, which also says that once users add currency information to their conversion values, all of the sales they generate will be converted to the same currency used for AdWords billing.

In other words, a U.K.-based online retailer promoting products from an AdWords account billed in pounds and that accepts payments in other currencies will not have to convert the payment into pounds in order to reconcile additional currencies into a single revenue amount when a customer pays in euros or dollars. Instead, AdWords will convert the payment currency to pounds for the retailer.

“When retailers have their costs and sales in one currency, they can calculate a more meaningful return on investment,” Google says.

Google provides tips for how to add currency to conversions here.

In addition, Google says users who import goals and transactions from Google Analytics to AdWords will simply need to choose a currency for these goals and transactions and AdWords will do the currency conversion for them.

That means users managing multiple AdWords accounts with their own billing currencies and budgets in My Client Center will have to add a currency to each of the conversion actions to then see the return on investment (ROI) for each account in their local currency.

That allows users to easily compare each market’s performance in one common currency, Google adds.

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