Election Day 2014: Google Doodle Finds Your Voting Location

November 4, 2014 marks the midterm elections for American citizens. And in order to help searchers find their proper voting location, Google Doodle has made it as easy as apple pie.


Google users can simply click on the Google Doodle icon and be directed to a results page that is pre-populated with the question “Where do I vote?”

At the top of the page is a box titled “Polling place lookup”:


You can then enter your home address (I used the Mary Tyler Moore house here in Minneapolis) and see your election day polling location.


Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today, so make sure you locate your polling place early enough to make it in time.

If you want to vote, but aren’t quite sure who the candidates are or what their stance is on important issues, there is still time to educate yourself. CNN, Bing, and Internet Explorer recently partnered to create a website that not only shows predictions for the election, but also provides important information about the candidates as well. Check out their BETA Elections & Voter Guide for more information.

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