NPR and Shazam Early Adopters of Google’s App Voice Search Feature

The voice command, “OK, Google,” will now launch third-party apps on Android devices.

Last week, Google announced that its voice search API will now work for apps across Android phones, tablets, and watches. Google is also offering a voice search codelab to help third-party apps best integrate voice and text actions into apps for more seamless app integration.

National Public Radio (NPR) and music search app Shazam were among early adopters. According to the Android Police blog, Android users can launch NPR by saying “Listen to NPR,” or find artist and song titles for music by saying “Shazam this song.” Even travel site TripAdvisor is testing voice commands. Users can say “Show attractions near me,” to launch a TripAdvisor search.

Google’s Developer blog provides a link to add the voice search feature to apps.

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