Google Reveals New AdWords Products

Because mobile search has officially overtaken desktop search, Google is launching a slew of new products for its AdWords customers.

Jerry Dischler, vice president of product management at Google, spoke of the “I want to know, I want to go, I want to buy” moments during a live stream of the annual AdWords Performance Summit in Half Moon Bay, California, earlier today. Dischler said that the smartest marketers realize that those needs are more important to customers than any particular brands.

“Across billions of daily searches, billions of hours of video watched every month, billions of interactions across various websites and apps, these are the moments that truly matter,” he said. “What matters most in those moments isn’t who we are, but what we intend to do at that instant.”

To help marketers leverage those particular moments, Google had introduced several new AdWords products, to be rolled out in the coming months:

  • Google will soon have more dynamic, image-heavy automotive and hotel ads, along the lines of its Shopping Ads. Users can swipe through the carousel for pictures of the car’s exterior and interior; tapping on the images brings more information, such as horsepower and miles-per-gallon. An additional feature allows users to find the nearest showroom.Similarly, the hotel ads aim to eliminate several steps from the process of figuring out where to stay. Searches will bring up information like rates, availability, locations, user reviews, and Google Street View. Hotel ads will also include a call-to-action “book” button.
  • Google Compare, a comparison tool that allows users to compare different rates for insurance, will soon be expanded to mortgages.”As you explore, you’ll be able to walk through a guided experience, which will help you understand different options and the ramifications of your choices,” says Stephanie Cuthbertson, group product manager for Google, in the finance vertical. “When it comes time to buy, you’ll be able to compare across many lenders, getting those current rates.”
  • Because advertisers can have a difficult time finding what they’re looking for in the sheer volume of interactions, Google is redesigning Dynamic Search Ads. The product will crawl sites and automatically organize them into different categories, suggesting CPCs for each. Additionally, image resizing will be significantly simplified.Automated Bidding will include a new reporting dashboard, giving marketers advertisers more transparency and control while evaluating their bid strategies’ performances. A new simulation tool will also show the tradeoff between volume and cost at different CPA targets.
  • To improve attribution, new products will allow marketers to select attribution models for each conversion type, encouraging them to move beyond the last-click model; better measure their Google ads’ incremental impact; and include cross-device conversions in the Conversions column. For the latter, cross-device conversions will be integrated into automated bidding.

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