Apple to Upgrade Siri and Update Maps

Today’s Apple keynote at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco was full of big news, including plans to upgrade Siri and add real-time directions to Apple Maps.

While Apple praised Siri’s “industry leading” 40 percent accuracy, Siri will soon offer predictions based on behavior, making it more like Google Now, or what Apple is calling a “proactive assistant.” The Siri Proactive upgrade will offer search results and app suggestions based on data email, contacts, and calendar. Siri will also use behavior and geolocation data to offer suggestions, such as an audiobook in the car or music on a morning run. siri-search-suggestions

Apple has also upgraded its Maps to be more competitive with Google. For the first time ever, Apple Maps will offer transit data with real time door-to-door directions for the bus and subway. Siri will also be able to offer transit-specific directions. For example, the command “Siri, I’d like to take the subway to the Guggenheim” will yield step-by-step directions, complete with travel times. apple-maps-transit

Both of these updates will be compatible with Apple Watch as well, which means watch users will have more options for voice search on wearable devices than ever before.

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