Bing Data Reveals Purchase-Powerful Audience

Bing recently released data giving advertisers their first glimpse at the Bing Ads audience by demographics and verticals, across 6.2 billion monthly searches on Bing Ads.

bing-ads-audienceCompiled by comScore, the data includes the total Bing Ads audience, as well as eight different verticals: automotive, education, finance, health, retail, technology, telecommunications, and travel.

The data reveals an affluent audience with a great deal of purchasing potential:

  • 22 percent more spent online than average Internet searchers
  • One-third of the Bing Ads audience has a household income of $100,000 or more.
  • 40 million retail searchers not reached on Google

Other demographic details show that half of Bing users are married, the majority have no children, and 44 percent are college-educated. Additionally, more than 70 percent are older than 34. This is the first time we’ve seen audience statistics on the Bing search user and breaking it down into verticals is especially helpful. The data does include Yahoo, though it’s unknown how the Yahoo searcher impacts the overall numbers.

The statistics and Bing Ads audience tool can be found on the Bing Ads website. A .pdf document is also available for download with slightly different graphs of the data.

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