Book Digitization: Project Gutenberg Founder Interviewed

We’re talking a lot about digitized books these days here on the blog. Project Gutenberg has been around since 1971 digitizing and copying public domain books. Via GB, this Wall Street Journal Q&A interview (free) with its founder Michael Hart on book digitization, Google Book Search, and more.

Project Gutenberg one effort that we’ve mentioned from the very first day of Google’s Library Project. That’s why I was a bit disappointed to read when Hart says Gutenberg got no atttention when Google’s Library Project was first launched. In the first SEW article about Google Library a SearchDay article from December 14, 2004, I mention the project, link to its homepage, mention the amount of books available (at that point) and also mention Mr. Hart by name as its founder.

This is NOT the first time Mr.Hart has spoken about Google Library and book digitization. In October, we published an a brief essay by Michael Hart here on the SEW Blog.

By the way, you’re right, the Google Library Project will celebrate its first birthday later this week.

Finally, most of the books in Project Gutenberg and thousands of other full text materials can be found in The Open Books Page that I wrote about last week. It’s a must see (the site that is (-:)

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