How Amazon Is Competing with Apple and Google [Infographic]

While we spend a lot of time talking about the battle between Google and Apple, both companies are also fighting against a powerful third competitor: Amazon. This infographic examines how Amazon comes into play in the technology wars.

It’s not just Apple vs Google, or Google vs Bing, or Apple vs Microsoft. It’s a helter-skelter line-up of tech companies, with big names like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

One might forget Amazon, but they are one of the few companies who can compete with the sheer computing power of Google. The reality is they’re competing with Google, Apple and many other well known technology companies in key areas of the online media landscape. While Google makes Android tablets and Apple produces the iPad, Amazon has launched the Kindle Fire. While Google has Google Docs storage and Apple has iCloud, Amazon has the Cloud Drive. In the “vs Google” arena, the list keeps going: Google Music competes directly with Amazon MP3, Google Checkout faces Amazon Checkout, and YouTube covers the same territory as Amazon Unbox.

Check out this infographic from CPC Strategy to look at what markets Amazon is competing with Google, Apple, and many other technology companies and a headline analysis of how they could win.

Amazon Infogrpahic

Do you think Amazon will remain a competitor? Are their hopes too broad or ambitious? Might they compete with Google, Apple, and Microsoft in additional territories by leveraging their current resources? Leave us your thoughts in the comments, below.

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