Welcome To Search Engine Watch

Welcome To Search Engine Watch!

Welcome! Most visitors to Search Engine Watch fall into one of two groups. There are webmasters, web marketers and others involved with creating and promoting web sites. Then there are search engine users, everyone from researchers, librarians and general web surfers who want to know how to find things better using search engines.

The table below provides a summary of the major sections of Search Engine Watch, and which group the sections are designed for. You can also view the site map to see a list of all the pages within Search Engine Watch.

Don’t feel constrained by which “group” you belong to. Search engine users may be interested in material designed for webmasters, while webmasters may be interested in tips on using search engines better.

Anticipating this, you’ll also find that relevant pages from different sections are cross-linked within the site.

If you find Search Engine Watch useful, please consider becoming a member. Your support will help ensure that the site remains a quality source of information, and you get some benefits, as well.

Section Designed For Description

Search Engine Submission Tips

Webmasters, site owners and marketing types This section explains how search engines find and rank web pages, with an emphasis on what webmasters can do to improve how search engines list their web sites.
Members-Only Area Webmasters, site owners and marketing types This section is available to Search Engine Watch members and provides extensive details about how particular search engines work and in-depth content on submission issues. It may also be of interest to search engine users.
Web Searching Tips Search engine users This section provides tips on how to use search engines better, along with fun stuff like ways to see how people search online.
Search Engine Listings Anyone This section helps you find all the major search engines; popular meta search engines; MP3 search engines; kid-safe services and much more.
Reviews, Ratings & Tests Anyone This section provides a list of comparison reviews, shows which search engines are most popular, and has tests and statistics related to how well search engines work.
Search Engine Resources Anyone This section has a collection of links to search engine related resources across the web.
Search Engine Newsletters Anyone We offer both a free daily and a monthly newsletter with essential news about search engines. Search Engine Watch members also can receive an exclusive twice-monthly newsletter.

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