Search Engine Toolbar Week!

This week, both InfoSpace and Lycos are introducing search toolbars, making it easier than ever to locate information both on the web and residing on your own computer.

Search toolbars are utilities that let you use search engines directly, bypassing their home pages. They typically are browser plugins, but some reside in the Windows taskbar.

If you haven’t used a search toolbar, you should consider trying one. Probably the most well-known is the Google toolbar, but there are many other choices, with options for searching numerous sources beyond Google.

Today, InfoSpace is offering its Dogpile Toolbar. From the Dogpile toolbar, you have access to the 13 major web search engines that Dogpile searches, as well as a number of speciality lookup utilities.

Tomorrow, Lycos is offering its HotBot Quick-Search Deskbar, a nifty search tool that lets you search HotBot’s four search major engines, as well as an additional 200 specialized search engines, using shortcut commands. The Deskbar also makes other desktop tools and utilities such as instant messenger, email and calculators accessible with simple commands.

Both toolbars offer many useful customization options.

I’ll be taking a close look at each of these new toolbar offerings this week, starting with the HotBot Quick-Search Deskbar tomorrow. On Wednesday I’ll review the Dogpile Toolbar. On Thursday, I plan to look at several other search toolbars offered by individuals and companies not affiliated with the major search engines themselves.

Meanwhile, if you’re eager to get your hands on a toolbar right away, take a look at the mini-reviews of search toolbars and utilities on the Search Engine Watch site.

Search Toolbars & Utilities

There are a variety of ways you can search and navigate the web without first going directly to a search engine. Search toolbars provide direct access to search engines from within your browser, while meta search utilities make it easy to search more than one search engine at the same time. Search companions often help you “discover” information as you browse pages on the web.

Teoma Offers Free Search Toolbar
SearchDay, June 25, 2002

Teoma has introduced the Teoma Search Bar, a free online navigational tool that lets you search while viewing any web page with Internet Explorer.

Beyond the Google Toolbar
SearchDay, July 15, 2002

UltraBar emulates the most powerful features of the Google toolbar and extends them to virtually any search engine on the web — and it’s free.

Search Headlines

NOTE: Article links often change. In case of a bad link, use the publication’s search facility, which most have, and search for the headline.

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Guardian Unlimited Jun 23 2003 11:45AM GMT
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Moscow Times Jun 22 2003 11:35PM GMT
MSN Unleashes New Crawler
Research Buzz Jun 22 2003 0:41AM GMT
Google Expands Content-Based Internet Ad Services Jun 21 2003 8:02AM GMT
Cutesy Domain Names Making Online Fraud Easier Jun 21 2003 4:04AM GMT
AltaVista Expands To More Than 550 Million Image, Audio And Video Files
EContent Jun 21 2003 4:02AM GMT
UPDATE 1-Spain’s Telefonica says may delist Terra Lycos
Reuters Jun 20 2003 7:36PM GMT
Hidden Links and Extra Domains
Search Engine Guide Jun 20 2003 5:34PM GMT
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ICANN under investigation
ZDNet Jun 20 2003 9:55AM GMT
US Senate to examine online copyright dispute
USA Today Jun 20 2003 6:58AM GMT
Overture Elects Frank Biondi to Board of Directors
Opt-in News Jun 20 2003 5:19AM GMT
Yahoo Canada offers Canadian searches Jun 20 2003 2:26AM GMT
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