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A list of news search engines, which let you find the latest news articles, stories and headlines from sources worldwide.

If you are still looking for news using “normal” search engines, stop doing it! You’ll find the services below to be a much better way to search for the latest news stories from hundreds of sources on the web. These services provide exceptionally good results for current event searching, because they crawl only news sites and revisit these sites several times per day. Thus, the results are usually focused and timely.

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Award Winners

Google News

Provides the ability to keyword search across thousands of news sources found through crawling the web, while also providing the ability to browse categories of news where headlines are assembled automatically. Winner for Best News Search Engine from Search Engine Watch in 2002. (Review: Google News Search Leaps Ahead, Oct. 2, 2002)

Yahoo News

Similar to Google News, you can keyword search across thousands of news sources found by Yahoo’s news crawling partner, Moreover, as well as stories fed by major wire services and news partners. Yahoo Full Coverage lets you browse categories of news, where articles and resources have been hand-assembled by Yahoo editors. Second-place winner for Best News Search Engine from Search Engine Watch in 2002. (Review: A Closer Look At Yahoo News, July 30, 2003)

AllTheWeb News

This Overture-owned service lets you keyword search against content gathered from news sites across the web. Advanced news search page allows narrowing news sources to particular categories, such as sports or technology. Honorable mention winner for Best News Search Engine from Search Engine Watch in 2002.

AltaVista News

This Overture-owned service lets you keyword search against news content found by sister-search engine AllTheWeb (above) and content supplied by major news partners such as the New York Times. Drop-down options under the search box make it easy to narrow results by news topic, world region or to some major news sources. Basic news headline browsing by category is also offered. Honorable mention winner for Best News Search Engine from Search Engine Watch in 2002.


Daypop lets you keyword search through content it finds from crawling thousands of news sites throughout each day. You can also search through weblog content or information from RSS feeds. Honorable mention winner for Best News Search Engine from Search Engine Watch in 2002. (Review: Behind the Scenes at the Daypop Search Engine, Sept. 10, 2003)

Other Choices


News search engine that provides coverage from about hundreds of different sources. It also features a “virtual newscaster” called Ananova.

Columbia Newsblaster

Experimental system that automatically assembles a page showing the day’s news, based on information it finds from crawling the web. (Review: Newsblaster: An Automatic Weblogger, March 6, 2002)


Provides ability to keyword search through news content from across the web or have information sent to you on a regular basis — but only for those who pay for the service. The free guest account functionality is so limited that it’s not worth the time signing up for it. If you aren’t going to be a paying member, another news search engine will serve you better.

Not a news search engine but instead a news rating service. Newsknife measures how well various news sites, including automated ones like Google News, appear to be performing.


Search headlines gathered from news sources around the world. Each listing also has a country flag icon to indicate the national origin of the report. You can browse newsfeeds that organize headlines into categories such as animal welfare and celebrity gossip.


News meta search site that allows you to send a query to one or more news sites from one location. Hundreds of sites are listed, by country and by category.

Keyword search or browse categories for news content from across the web.


Keyword search against news and weblog content gathered from across the web. Desktop software sold by Rocketinfo provides additional features, such as the ability search against more resources and to save searches. Formerly known as RocketNews. Past honorable mention winner for Best News Search Engine from Search Engine Watch. (Review: A Multifaceted Online News and Blog Search Tool, Jan. 27, 2004)

World News Network

Draws from hundreds of online news sources in 20 languages. Presents stories grouped into more than 500 subject and geographical categories. (Review: A Different Look at World News, Jan. 6, 2003)

News Hubs

A guide to newspaper web sites and news search resources around the world. Formerly known as


Links to hundreds of sources of news and information, organized in categories. Major categories include news by subject, news by region, media type, opinion pages, and so on. Other categories point to resources helpful to news junkies. These include links to cool tools, resources for journalists, kids and teachers, and a category that takes you behind the news.


A guide to newspaper web sites around the world.


Easy access to thousands of news sources, including newspapers, magazines and television stations worldwide.

RSS News Feeds & Blog Search Engines


Long-standing services that leverages blog links for discovery purposes. Think of it as a “buzz index” according to blogs, where the goal is to show you which links anywhere on the web are currently getting the most references from bloggers. (Review: RSS: Your Gateway To News & Blog Content, April 2, 2003)


While it’s called Blogdigger, this service also includes some non-blog content, as it is based on searching through RSS feeds. Feeds are either submitted or found via the site.

Blogging Headline News

This news site samples 12,000 RSS feeds, selecting about 5,000 posts three-times a day to feature in about 130 different categories. It’s designed to be an online blogging magazine. You can also keyword search for material.


A wonderful blog discovery and investigation tool that allows you to view information about a blog, such as other blogs that seem to be related to it, people linking to its entries, how it ranks in the blogging world, and much more. There’s also a range of RSS tools, such as the ability to create an RSS feed for any blog (or ordinary web site) that lacks one. The site also contains a directory of existing RSS feeds that have been submitted to it or discovered. In addition, BlogStreet operates Info Aggregator, an outstanding software-free service lets you subscribe to RSS feeds and have posts delivered via email. You can also keyword search through blog and RSS posts.

CRAYON (CReAte Your Own Newspaper)

This service doesn’t use RSS feeds, but the concept of tailoring news to what you want is the same. To create your own newspaper, simply sign up for a free account and select the sources you want to include. There are hundreds of online newspapers to choose from. You can also include specialized sources, with topics including politics, business, weather, religion, sports and so on.

Fagan Finder: Weblogs, Journals, & RSS

Superb all-in-one search page that lets you easily search a variety of blog/RSS search engines, plus provides related links on the subject.


Feedster lets you search against content distributed via RSS. That means it’s essentially a blog search engine for many people, since so many blog entries are distributed via RSS. However, some non-blog newsfeeds are also included. Feedster’s Images feature is designed to present a visual look at that day’s blogging world. Feedster was originally known as Roogle when launched in March 2003 and absorbed the formerly separate RSS Search service in June 2003. (Review: Feedster, July 1, 2003)


A long-standing major directory of RSS feeds. It organizes thousands of news feeds — what it calls “news channels” — into categories. You can browse the categories to find feeds of interest or do a search for feeds that mention your keywords in their titles and descriptions.

Another major directory of RSS feeds. It lets you look through thousands of RSS feeds that users have submitted or which have been added by volunteers to its collection. In other words, it’s an Open Directory for RSS feeds.


Technorati is a great service. Plug in the URL of any web page, and you can quickly see what bloggers are saying about it by using the “Link Cosmos” feature. The Breaking News feature assembles top headlines automatically — but these headlines come from blogs, rather than traditional news sources. A similar Current Events feature is also offered. Technorati’s Top 100 also offers an “A-List” of popular blogs based on linkage patterns.

Magazine & Periodicals Searching

Access to reference material, research information, periodical literature and more. Searching is free. You pay to view material you find. Previously called eLibrary and Researchville.

Let’s you search through articles from over 300 sources, dating back to 1998, and view them for free. You can narrow your search to specific magazine categories, such as “Automotive,” using a drop down option next to the search box. You can also search within a particular publication by using the “View Publications by Name” link, which appears below the search box. Find the name of the magazine you are interested in, click on its name, and the search box that appears searches against only that publication’s content. (Review: A Free Deep Content Search Engine, Mar. 21, 2002). You can also access the same information from LookSmart, the owner of FindArticles, by clicking on the “Articles” tab at LookSmart.


Allows you to find magazine articles, plus you can order results by date or publisher. Articles can also be found by browsing a directory structure.

Specialty & Regional News Search Engines


If you are after technology news, this service aims to deliver top articles each day in different areas. Stories are reviewed and classified by human editors.


Headlines from Spanish news sources. Requires payment to use.


Produced by the German Fireball search service, Paperball lets you search for German news.

News Search Articles

Google Alert Automatically Tracks Your Favorite Topics
SearchDay, Jan. 22, 2004

Google Alert lets you automate the process of running regular queries, sending you an email whenever any new content is added to the Google database.

Today’s Newspapers Around the World
SearchDay, Jan. 20, 2004

Want to see what today’s print version of your favorite newspaper looks like online? Two services offer reproductions of dozens of newspapers from around the world.

Rocketnews Will Soon Offer New Search Features, Nov. 21, 2003

New options are coming to the Rocketnews news search service, such as headline title searching and the ability to go back in articles for six months.

Dont panic yet, human news editors. Google News settles in.
Newsknife, November 2003

After monitoring Google News for nearly a year, Newsknife determines it’s very good, but human compiled news sites still have an edge.

Google News Finally Makes the Grade
Online Journalism Review, Aug. 28, 2003

Google News is now to be rated among news generation sites such as the LA Times and the Guardian — and will rank pretty well among the others, too. A look at the addition and how news sites get ranked in general.

Battle of the blog, Aug. 4, 2003

Covers the rivalry over RSS formats that exist. Danny Sullivan offers longer comments on this article and the debate in the August 2003 edition of the Search Engine Report.

Q&A with Krishna Bharat of Google News, July 2003

This is from Google’s “Google Friends” newsletter and a short, good read for more insight into how Google News operates.

Google Toolbar ‘BlogThis’ Rankles Rivals, June 27, 2003

The latest version of the Google Toolbar makes it easy to blog a page you are visiting. The functionality only works with Google’s service, and free accounts are suggested, if you don’t have an account. Those from competing blogging tools aren’t pleased that the toolbar doesn’t interact with their services.

Monitoring Web Pages 24 Hours a Day
SearchDay, April 9, 2003

If you regularly visit web pages looking for new or updated information, you’ll save countless hours by automating the process with software that tracks changes for you — even while you sleep.

RSS: Your Gateway To News & Blog Content
The Search Engine Update, April 2, 2003

RSS allows blogs, news sites and other sources an easy way to distribute their content. The article below explains how RSS can be a great way for anyone to receive customized news information from growing number of sources, plus it examines ways to search and explore RSS and blog-oriented content.

Loving Each Other More: Search Engines & Blogs
The Search Engine Report, April 2, 2003

Explores the timely content that blogs provide, work they can do to make themselves more search engine friendly and some thoughts on what search engines might do on their end.

Making An RSS Feed
The Search Engine Report, April 2, 2003

RSS is a method of distributing links to content in your web site that you’d like others to use. In other words, it’s a mechanism to “syndicate” your content. It can be an easy way to draw attention to your material, bringing you some traffic and perhaps a little net fame, depending on how good your information is.

Paid Content Trend Is Dangerous
Editor & Publisher, Jan. 27, 2003

If news sites begin pulling content behind barriers, it may reduce the usefulness of news search engines. A look at the potential problems, especially from a news publisher’s point of view.


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