Washington Post Looks at Click Fraud

Yes, it’s another mainstream press look at the click fraud issue. This time David Vise from the Washington Post writes,

Google, Yahoo and other providers of online ads said they are increasingly being targeted by online fraudsters, who exploit weaknesses in the Internet ad system to generate revenue or hurt their competitors.

The article also includes comments from Jessie Stricchiola, from Alchemistmedia.com who has some very strong words about how Google handles click fraud. He says that the company “flat out” is “ignoring advertisers.” You’ll also read comments from Andy B. and Dan Shapero from Net Applications.

Salar Kamangar, a product manager at Google is also quoted. He tells the Washington Post,

I would characterize the problems due to click fraud as small. We have a software system that filters out fraudulent clicks even before advertisers get billed for them…”This is not a significant problem,” Google’s Kamangar said. “Google’s technology detects invalid clicks, including instances when publishers click on their own ads.

However, five months ago Google CFO George Reyes had something much different to say,

I think something has to be done about this [click fraud] really, really quickly, because I think, potentially, it threatens our business model.

Much more in the Washington Post article: Online fraud artists click to steal.

Also, Danny’s post on Friday includes links to other articles on the topic.

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