Google Uses AdWords Conversion Data To Fight AdSense Fraud?

ShoeMoney blogged that at the Arbitrage Issues session at SES San Jose, during Q&A time, Kim Malone of Google said that the AdSense team may use AdWords conversion data to determine which sites are trying to fraud advertisers and users (often named Made for AdSense sites – MFAs).

Jeremy said, “Kim explained that in many cases they are using Adwords conversion data to tell what MFA sites were actually converting for advertisers. She said using this data helps them easily identify arbitragers.” To me, this doesn’t sound a 100% right. The Google web search team said time and time again that they would not use this data for any organic ranking purposes. I know the AdSense team is separate from them and is even more closely related to the AdWords team, but to use that data for purposes of detecting MFAs? I am not so sure about this. Anyway, I trust Jeremy heard this but I suspect Kim Malone of Google didn’t mean for this to come out. Either way, I would love to hear back from Google on this topic.

Postscript by Jennifer Slegg: Actually, this has been known for quite some time that AdSense uses AdWords conversion data to determine how well each publisher’s clicks are converting for advertisers. I covered this nearly a year ago on JenSense in a detailed post about how smart pricing works, and what factors go into determining it.

Postscript by Barry: Ouch! I stand way corrected. Jen is the guru on this stuff. I should have looked at prior to putting myself out like this. Nice to have experts to correct you.

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