Highlights from the SEW Blog: Nov. 28, 2006

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From The SEW Blog…

  • Q&A On Google’s Belgium News Agreements
    This week, news emerged about an agreement between Google and two Belgian author groups that were suing it over copyright issues. Below, a short Q&A on what this means for Google. Highlights: The case goes on with three other groups taking part, but large damages seem unlikely. The new deal gives especially seems to give Google photo rights. Google says it is not doing an about-face on opt-out in Denmark. More about these an other issues covered below, based on a talk with Google spokesperson Jessica Powell. Plus, some bonus stats on how much traffic newspapers get from search engines….
  • Matt Cutts On Site Problems & Mistakes To Avoid
    Ever wonder what is going through the head of a Matt Cutts (Googler) while he is sitting on a site reviews panel reviewing sites? Matt Cutts posted his detailed notes of the panel he did in Vegas at PubCon. He explains some on site problems and mistakes a webmaster should avoid. It is worth a read, because Matt totally kicked my coverage of that session….
  • The Complete Google Master Plan
    Google Operating Systems located and posted the Full Google Master Plan 1.0. Remember about a month and a half ago, the Google Master Plan was erased? Well, according to Google OS, said it was erased because it was getting a bit “crufty.” The image was taken by Chris diBona, here it is:…
  • Google Video France Sued For Copyright Infringement
    Reuters reports Google France was sued by Flach Film, a French film producer, for copyright infringement. They claim their video, “The World According to Bush,” was published on Google Video France, and viewed more 50,000 times, before Google removed the video. The French film producer estimates $648,700 in prejudice but Google said “our terms and conditions specify that users (Internet surfers) don’t have permission to use videos which they don’t own the rights to.” Google has put away $200M for copyright case legal issues with the YouTube acquisition….
  • Google Book Search Catches Victorian Plagiarists
    We tend to assume that plagiarism is a reasonably modern day phenomena but a fascinating article from Paul Collins “Dead Plagiarists Society” illustrates that is not always the case. In fact it would appear that Victorian authors stole work from earlier authors who in turn had stolen it from even earlier ones, and the article gives some nice examples of this. More importantly, it provides a fascinating use for Google Book Search, which I’d certainly not considered before, and it’s actually a rather interesting experiment – take a partial sentence, plug it into book search and add words onto the…
  • SEM Certification & Training Courses
    The move toward offering certification and training in search marketing is accelerating. Here’s a rundown on some new courses and developments I’ve heard of recently….
  • Mid-November 2006 Search News Recap Posted
    If you’re a Search Engine Watch member, the latest edition of Search Engine Update newsletter has been posted. It recaps top stories in search from the first part of this month….
  • Google Finance’s Untrusted Links & Spotting Nofollow
    For several months, I’ve been using the Search Status plug-in for Firefox to highlight links that are flagged with the nofollow attribute, a way for site owners to say they don’t vouch for or necessarily trust a link. You see the web in a entirely new light after discovering how often and where people are saying “I don’t trust this.” And today, I finally noticed it happening over on Google Finance. The image above show how Google Finance looks when links with nofollow are highlighted in red, for the page on Google stock price. All the news stories –…
  • Search Popularity Stats, Sliced & Diced
    Catch up time on search engine popularity stats. comScore and NetRatings put out October 2006 figures this week, plus Hitwise released those earlier this month. Google’s still tops, Yahoo still strong, Microsoft is still dropping and Ask surpasses AOL’s search share, according to comScore. Below, the trend from all of them over the past year, plus my long-promised compare-and-contrast charts….
  • Google Says AdWords Not Basing Keyword Prices On Conversion Metrics
    I reported this morning at SERoundtable that AdWordsAdvisor Denies Google Uses Conversion Tracking & Analytics To Determine Minimum Bids. Yes, Google has come out on the Internet to make it clear to everyone that Google is not using data from their conversion tracking scripts of Google Analytics to determine the minimum price of keywords. This was a recent rumor that began with the new AdWords algorithm coming into play….
  • Social Search Manipulation: Case Study
    Niall Kennedy has one of the most thorough write-ups on why search spam exists with his article “The Spam Farms of the Social Web.” The article explains how he stumbled upon a spam site, researched the site to death, guesstimates on how much money they can make and services that help you make it rank well. This includes a look at blogs, digg, del.icio.us, other social sites, link building tactics, directory inclusion, content writing, and more….

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