IndustrySearch Engine Strategies Chicago Kicks Off!

Search Engine Strategies Chicago Kicks Off!

The luminaries are here…the snow is on the ground…it must be SES Chicago! I am very exited to be joining SEW for conference blog coverage this week, and according to Frank Watson, we are going to be revealing to you “what really happens in Vegas” this week. Is that a faux-pas? We hope not.

Sunday night saw a veritable “who’s who” catwalk at the Irish Pub in the Chicago Hilton, with Danny Sullivan holding court in one corner, Mike Grehan at the other end, and many spammers in between. I heard on more than one occasion that “I don’t really go to Chicago, but I thought it was going to be Danny’s last show.” So it seems that we will enjoy a great crowd and hopefully get plenty of scoops.

Tonight, SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization, is holding a meeting and revealing some of the first insight from the annual state of the market survey. If past history indicates, this data will serve 2007 as a resource for countless articles about the state of the search engine marketing industry. If anyone has not yet had a chance to fill out the survey and help SEMPO present an accurate prediction for SEM/SEO activities among the US market this year, you can still participate here.

Keep an eye out for blog coverage of SES Chicago this week, available at a variety of outlets including the Search Engine Roundtable and the Top Rank Blog. We will follow up as we learn of more blog coverage available to those not braving the Chicago cold. Stay tuned for more news!


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