Highlights from the SEW Blog: Dec. 11, 2006

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From The SEW Blog…

  • November Search Trend Data Released by Compete.com
    Compete.com, a new search popularity tool bar and measurement service, similar to Alexa, released their data for November 2006, indicating a bounce back in traffic for Google after a small slide, and a decrease for Yahoo, who had experienced a bit of growth during October….
  • End of an Era… Beginning of a New Chapter
    Today marks Danny Sullivan’s last day at Search Engine Watch, 10 years after beginning the industry’s leading publication for search engine news. Danny’s undeniable passion, knowledge, and dedication to the growth of the search engine industry is well engrained within the archives of Search Engine Watch, and will carry on long after his departure….
  • Search Arbitrage Gets Forbes Attention
    Forbes did an article on search arbitrage Friday featuring interviews of Jeremy Shoemaker and Michael Gray. Shoemaker said he had made $2 million over the past two years arbitraging Google….
  • Baidu Starts Chinese Blog Search Engine
    Chinese search engine giant Baidu has launched a blog search engine – the first in the China.
    Nearly 20 million people blog in Chinese. The new blog engine launched on Thursday, according to the People’s Daily Online. China has 1,460 blog services. Qzone has the most bloggers followed by Sina.com, MSN Spaces and Sohu.com.
  • WhoToTalkTo.com: Job Search Engine With a Twist
    The newly launched job search engine, WhoToTalkTo.com, is using job seekers to help build its database of jobs. The engine requires users to post job listings in order to gain access to the site. Though limiting its listings to its home area of Michigan at the moment, founder Brian McCullough hopes to add 100,000 listings a month…..
  • Yahoo Hosts Search Marketing’s Pop Culture Trivia Challenge
    Sixteen of New York’s major players in the search marketing space went toe-to-toe last night for bragging rights as the champions of the first annual Yahoo! Search Marketing’s Pop Culture Trivia Challenge…..
  • Botnets and Click Fraud and Terrorists, Oh My!
    Webmaster Radio’s Jim Hedger is causing quite a stir with his exposé on botnets, click fraud, and terrorists profiting from Google’s AdWords program. Hedger admitted in his post on Threadwatch that the terrorist part was sensational. The meat of the story is the prevalence of botnets. Hedger described some of his research into botnets in an article at SiteProNews…..
  • Changes at Yahoo Won’t Affect Search Marketing Team
    With all the changes at Yahoo, it’s surprising to note that there won’t be too much changing on the search marketing side, at least not yet. Jeff Weiner will continue to lead the group, focusing on rolling out Panama, which remains on time and on-target, according to a spokesperson…
  • Search + Display = Engagement
    A couple of recent reports have confirmed what many SEMs already know: a mix of search and display advertising campaigns produce the best results. Two separate studies, one from Avenue A/Razorfish and one from Yahoo and comScore, came to that conclusion this week. The Avenue A/Razorfish study also touched on the importance of measuring “assists”, so the final click-through is not given more credit than it deserves.
  • Another Introduction
    This is a quick introduction to let you all know that I’ve been asked to help out as a blogger on Search Engine Watch. My name is Kevin Newcomb, and I’ve been covering search marketing, among other things, over at ClickZ News for the past few years. I’ll be doing my best to keep things updated here, while continuing my duties at ClickZ, until Rebecca and Elisabeth’s plans fall in place. ….
  • Moving Forward with Search Engine Watch
    Hello, everyone. For the past five years or so, I’ve had the very great honor of moderating dozens and dozens of sessions at Search Engine Strategies conferences in cities around the world. In that respect, I’ve come to know search, and the search community, much more deeply than I ever would have in my role overseeing The ClickZ Network. ClickZ covers search to be sure, but also interactive marketing’s many other aspects…..
  • Major Corporate Reorganization at Yahoo!
    Significant changes at the executive level and operating groups were revealed last night. Three new divisions will be created, and several top execs will leave the company. Kevin Newcomb over at ClickZ gives a rundown of the changes.
  • Avenue A | Razorfish Releases “Actionable Analytics” Report
    Avenue A | Razorfish released a new report today which addresses the connection between Analytics and future Search Marketing success. Yes I do work with AA|RF, but I feel that the report has excellent information that can be of use to any marketer engaged in the online space. The report discusses in detail the topics of media analytics as well as web site analytics and CRM issues….
  • SimplyHired Teams With New York Post, Launches Resume Post Service
    SimplyHired, a vertical search engine focused on employment, has partnered with the New York Post to supplement that publications job listings. Similar to Indeed’s integration with the New York Times, listings from SimplyHired can only be found after an initial search through the default job listings….
  • SEW on “The Alternative” Webmaster Radio Show with Jim Hedger
    Apologies! With everything else going on in the last few days, I didn’t get a chance to post that I did an interview with Jim Hedger for Webmaster Radio that aired earlier today. Listen to the mp3 of The Alternative episode, where I talk about some of the future plans for SEW.
  • WWSD? (What Would SEOs Do?) The Future of Search Engine Watch
    As I said in my earlier post, we’re committed to reshaping the future of SEW with the help of the search engine community, as anyone involved with search marketing has significant potential to make a contribution within the industry itself. It takes a village…

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