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Upcoming Search Engine Strategies Events

Editors’ Notes

The biggest news we have to share in this issue is the launch of SEW Experts, our weekly advice and opinion columns by search marketing specialists. We’ve hand-selected search marketing experts based not only on their experience as well as a deep passion for their respective areas of expertise. More important, we look forward to sharing their unique perspectives and commentary on search related issues of interest to readers like you. There’s something for everyone – from Web site owners, search marketers, in-house personnel to agency consultants.

Our columnists include several familiar faces from the Search Engine Strategies circuit: speakers Tony Wright, Chris Boggs, Jessica Bowman; frequent SEW contributors Eric Enge and Grant Crowell; as well as some fresh voices, including one columnist who masqueraded as LYCOS the Dog in a former life.

I’ll leave it up to you to figure out who that may be.

Every day we’ll publish a column on a different topic. Here’s the scoop on the weekly schedule:

  • Mondays:
    Search Ads — Everything you need to know about creating and maintaining successful paid search campaigns
  • Tuesdays:
    au Natural — Organic search engine optimization and best practices.
  • Alternating Tuesdays:
    Little Biz — Savvy search engine marketing skills for the smallest start-up.
    Big Biz — High level strategies and complex tactics for big brands and large enterprises.
  • Wednesdays:
    By the Numbers — A hands-on approach to using Web analytics to measure success and improve ROI.
  • Thursdays:
    Link Love — Advice for getting other sites to notice you, building popularity and traffic with linking efforts and social media optimization.
  • Alternating Fridays:
    In-House SEM — Tackling the issues in-house search marketers face daily.
    Outsourced — The inside line on SEM agency issues.
  • Rotating Day:
    Vertical Search — Each week, we’ll cover a different specialty within search, including Multimedia, B2B, Travel, Local & others.

View the current index of articles at SEW Experts, and use the email subscription box in the right side navigation to receive individual columns as an email newsletter.

Events Notices

Next week, the editorial team descends on the New York Hilton in Manhattan for coverage of this major SES event, going on April 10-13th. Whether it’s your first time attending or your umpteenth appearance, be sure to listen to a special SES Preview show, hosted by myself and Bruce Clay, airing Wednesday, April 4th at 1:00 p.m. EDT on www.WebmasterRadio.FM.

SEW Live! In the Buckeye State
As I mentioned last time, our next SEW Live! Networking event will be held in Columbus, Ohio, on May 9th. This informal, half day event is a terrific opportunity for interaction with search industry peers in the region, and highlights several topics featured at our larger conferences. Speakers scheduled to appear include locals Jennifer Laycock, Matt Bailey, Laura Thieme, Sage Lewis and Jeffrey Rohrs, with the complete agenda to be posted shortly on the event details page.

Since Our Last SE Update:

Below is a recap of major articles from our daily SearchDay newsletter and important Search Engine Watch Blog postings since the last newsletter. Want to receive these stories daily or via RSS/feed? See the Search Engine Watch Newsletters & Web Feeds page for sign-up instructions.

Organic Search

=========================== From the SEW Blog: ===========================

  • –Mar. 29, 2007–Google Wants Your SPAM Reports
    Stefanie of the Google Search Quality Team in Dublin posted yesterday an Update on SPAM Reporting.
  • –Mar. 28, 2007–Slurp’s Change of Address
    Yahoo’s web crawler, affectionately known as Yahoo Slurp, is moving. According to the Yahoo Search Blog, Slurp will move from its domain of to
  • –Mar. 28, 2007–Practical tips about reputation management
    Lee Odden provides several practical tips in an article entitled, “Online Reputation Management Basics,” in WebProNews.
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–Neil Patel Teaches Jason Calacanis SEO
    In response to Jason Calacanis’s comments about SEO, Neil Patel has shown Calacanis that even basic SEO actions can improve your traffic.
  • –Mar. 26, 2007–Yahoo Directory Links Gone from Search Results
    Yahoo has removed the “category” links, derived from the Yahoo Directory, from its previous position in its search results.
  • –Mar. 23, 2007–Microsoft is Down, but Don’t Count Them Out
    Microsoft has clearly stumbled in implementing its search and online advertising strategies. They were late to the search game, depending on Overture and Inktomi for too long. They seem to have underestimated Google, and have been playing catch-up for the past couple of years. But should we count them out just yet?
  • –Mar. 23, 2007–Remapping Dynamic URLs to Static URLs can Increase Traffic
    Our second case study has been brought to us by In this case study we explore what happens with all the URLs on a site are changed.

Paid Search

=== SearchDay: Mar. 22, 2007 ===

Yahoo Steps Up Click Fraud Efforts – Kevin Newcomb reports on a new VP-level focus and increased transparency mark Yahoo’s commitment to fighting click fraud and addressing other marketplace quality issues.
=========================== From the SEW Blog: ===========================

  • –Mar. 28, 2007–Microsoft Eyeing DoubleClick
    According to Crain Business, Microsoft may be acquiring online ads serving platform DoubleClick.”DoubleClick, which hired investment bank Morgan Stanley to work on a possible sale, according to The Wall Street Journal
  • –Mar. 28, 2007–MySpace Making $30 Million Per Month From Advertising
    Guess the monster AdSense partner for Google is MySpace. According to a report just released, they are making over $30 million a month in ad revenue – 30-40% of which should be AdSense.
  • –Mar. 28, 2007–Google Prepping BT Network?
    Are Google’s moves to expand its footprint into new areas a precursor to launching a behavioral targeting network?
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–Judge Approves Yahoo Click Fraud Settlement
    A judge has approved the proposed settlement reached nine months ago in a class action case brought against Yahoo by Checkmate Strategic Group in June 2005.
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–Panama Working Better Than Expected?
    After Yahoo CEO Terry Semel crowed last week about the success of Panama, a Wall Street analyst now adds to Yahoo’s merriment with news of even more success, according to
  • –Mar. 26, 2007–Google Finds Less is More
    In some cases, less is more. Google is finding that out in respect to the number of ads it shows on certain search results pages.
  • –Mar. 23, 2007–Google’s New Text Link Ads — Hotornot?
    As I was putting together the latest Search Engine Forums Spotlight, I came across some threads on various search marketing forums discussing Google’s new pay-per-action ads.
  • –Mar. 22, 2007–Dennis Mortensen in Podcast: Click Fraud is between 2% and 4%
    Dennis Mortensen, COO of IndexTools, shares data from some of the larger agencies that IndexTools works with: agencies that spend millions of dollars on PPC marketing, it shows click fraud to be in the 2% to 4% range – a far cry from the 20% to 30% figures that we see in the news.

Linking Issues

=========================== From the SEW Blog: ===========================

  • –Mar. 29, 2007–Link Checking at Live Search Has Been Disabled
    Webmasters observed earlier this week that the link: command at Live search was delivering either a blank page (my experience) or an error.
  • –Mar. 28, 2007–Reciprocal Lin king Should Still be a Component of Your Web Marketing Strategy
    Is reciprocal linking dead? Of course not.
  • –Mar. 21, 2007–Page Rank Obsession
    We all want to measure the progress of our site(s) in as many ways as we can. This is why people obsess about things like Google Page Rank, Alexa rankings, and other things that really don’t matter very much. And who can blame us? While these measurements are highly flawed, they are among the only external methods of measurement that we have available.


Analytics & ROI

=== SearchDay: Mar. 27, 2007 ===

Data Mining: The Heart of Analysis, Part 2 – John Tawadros of iProspect shares his thoughts on why it’s important to remember that paid search not only influences other channels, but is influenced by other marketing channels as well.

=========================== From the SEW Blog: ===========================

  • –Mar. 26, 2007–Bryan Eisenberg Talks about Persuasion Architecture
    The latest in a series of interviews — a discussion with Bryan Eisenberg of Future Now. Bryan is very well known in the web analytics world, and is the chairman of the Web Analytics Association, and the co-author of Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results and Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing.
  • –Mar. 23, 2007–iCrossing Acquires Sharp Analytics
    Sharp Analytics’ proprietary, Web-based software, called SharpView, provides Fortune 500 marketers and their agencies a tool to integrate results from offline and online campaigns for advanced tracking, measuring and optimizing campaign ROI.
  • –Mar. 21, 2007– Page Rank Obsession
    We all want to measure the progress of our site(s) in as many ways as we can. This is why people obsess about things like Google Page Rank, Alexa rankings, and other things that really don’t matter very much. And who can blame us? While these measurements are highly flawed, they are among the only external methods of measurement that we have available.


Search Engines, Tools & Technology

=========================== From the SEW Blog: ===========================

  • –Apr. 3, 2007–fisssh!, a meta search engine, is launched
    HGi Media Systems has announced the launch of fisssh!, a new meta search engine. fisssh! aggregates search results for queries across different types of search — web, news, blogs, videos, podcasts, info, jobs, social and shopping.
  • –Mar. 30, 2007–WebFetch, new meta search engine, launches in UK
    In addition to web search results from Google, Yahoo Search, MSN Search, and, WebFetch also offers image search, audio search, video search, news search, a business finder, and a people finder.
  • –Mar. 29, 2007–NYT Reviews Google’s Offline Media Efforts
    The New York Times had a great piece on how Google is doing in their efforts in the offline media world, newspapers, radio etc.
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Google?
    Who’s afraid of Google? Not’s Rich Skrenta, that’s for sure. In his Skrentablog yesterday, he outlines 12 tips for up-and-coming search engines who want to take on Google.
  • –Mar. 26, 2007–Is Google Planning to Expand in Beantown?
    It looks like Google’s shopping around for space in Boston or nearby Cambridge, according to WebProNews, which spotted some want ads for account reps for its ad sales team.
  • –Mar. 26, 2007–Microsoft Search Share Troubles
    Business Week Online just put out an article about the troubles that Microsoft is having in capturing search market share. According to the story, Microsoft had a search market share in February of 2005 of 14%.
  • –Mar. 23, 2007–Google Blog Bar Proving Popular
    Launched last week, the Google Blog Bar has proven popular and received quite a bit of feedback, according to the Google AJAX Search API Blog.
  • –Mar. 22, 2007–SideStep and EveryClick Team Travel Searches, Charity Donations just announced a partnership with, a UK based search engine with social responsibility, giving 50% of gross revenues to charities.
  • –Mar. 22, 2007–Microsoft Names New Search & Ads Lead
    Microsoft has named a company insider to replace Christopher Payne, corporate VP of Windows Live Search, who decided to leave Microsoft earlier this month to start a new company.Satya Nadella, who’s currently heading the Microsoft Dynamics team in the Microsoft Business Division, will move out of that role by mid-April. Nadella will lead a newly formed Search and Ad Platform Group within the Platform Services Division, reporting to Kevin Johnson.Previously, R&D for search and ad platforms were under separate groups, with Live Search residing in the Windows Live Services group.
  • –Mar. 21, 2007–February Share of Search Numbers Are In
    February share-of-searches numbers are in from comScore and Nielsen//NetRatings, with Google widening its lead over Yahoo once again, though the two had different findings for the direction of Yahoo’s share. Microsoft came in third while losing share.According to Nielsen//NetRatings, 55.8% of searches were done on Google last month, a gain of 7.3 percentage points over last year. Meanwhile, comScore attributes 48.1% share to Google, a 5.9-point change from February 2006.For Yahoo, Nielsen//NetRatings pegs its share at 20.7%, a 1.8-point loss; while comScore shows 28.1%, a 0.6-point year-to-year gain.Microsoft comes in third, with 9.6% share, down 1.1 points, according to Nielsen//NetRatings; and 10.5% share according to comScore, a 2.9-point decline over February 2006.Ask maintains its position in fourth place, according to comScore, with 5.0% share, a 1.0-point decline. Nielsen//NetRatings has AOL in fourth, with 5.1% share of searches, with Ask at 2.0%
  • –Mar. 21, 2007–Google Hires SideKick Team To Build GPhone
    The G Phone is coming and it needs a sidekick.Okay that sentence was a little cheesy… apparently Google has hired the team that developed the T Mobile SideKick phone, according to an article in the Guardian.”Google has made no secret of the potential it sees in letting people access the internet while on the move, but progress towards compelling and easy to use internet-enabled mobile phones has been slow./li>
  • –Mar. 21, 2007–Google Wins in KinderStart Case
    Google has come out on top in a case filed last year by, in which the kid-friendly search engine and parental advice site accused Google of “downgrading its search-result ranking without reason or warning.”The case was dismissed, according to technology law blogger Eric Goldman.
  • –Mar. 21, 2007–Lycos Europe Rebranding As Jubii in US
    Lycos has been a player on the web long before Google came along. The company’s history almost mirrors the rollercoaster ride of the web itself.Now having lost the rights to its own name in the United States, Lycos Europe is rebranding itself as Jubii for the US market.”
  • –Mar. 21, 2007–Minus Expenses Yahoo, Google Ad Revenues Similar
    While it is well known Google has higher search market share, recent analysis of profits show Yahoo’s ad revenue is a lot closer than the market share would suggest.Jupiter Research blogger David Card reports thast Google has 17 percent of online ad revenue to Yahoo’s 16 percent.These numbers are of what the comapny keeps after expenses…. could be the YouTube deal is holding down those numbers… or as some are suggesting Yahoo keeps more of the money – they pay less to their search partners… though from what I have seen Yahoo pays more, but has lower click through rates


Vertical & Specialty Search

=== SearchDay: Mar. 29, 2007 ===

Is This the Year for Mobile Search? – Each year for the past three years, mobile search has been predicted to break out. It hasn’t yet, but there are signs that 2007 could be the year those predictions finally come true.

=========================== From the SEW Blog: ===========================

  • –Apr. 2, 2007–ZoomInfo Retools Its Business Info Search
    Business information search engine ZoomInfo has retooled its offering to create a single user interface for its various products.
  • –Apr. 2, 2007–MSNBC takes on Yahoo News
    Emily Steel of The Wall Street Journal Online reports that “, the No. 2-ranked news Web site behind Yahoo News, is starting its first branding ad campaign this week.”
  • –Apr. 2, 2007–Rich Skrenta, Google, Vertical Search
    Rich Skrenta, the CEO of Topix, recently offered up some thoughts about Strategies for Beating Google.
  • –Mar. 31, 2007–No Action for Triple X
    As widely reported, ICANN Board members rejected the application for a new .xxx top level domain yesterday.
  • –Mar. 30, 2007– Launches Text-based Mobile Local Search
    Similar to the Starbuck’s SMS search tool that we wrote about a few weeks ago, today announced text-based local search tool for mobile devices.
  • –Mar. 29, 2007–ZipLocal Brings Local Search 2.0 to Canada
    We to talk to Elaine Kunda, CEO of Toronto based local search site ZipLocal, which launched earlier this week in beta form.
  • –Mar. 29, 2007–YouTube Adds New Functionality for Categories
    Andy Plesser at Beet.TV reports that You Tube last night introduced new functionality that will let users to organize clips around designated categories.
  • –Mar. 28, 2007–Local Video Advertising on the Move
    After catching my breath after The Kelsey Group’s Drilling Down on Local ’07 conference (and catching up with other things), it’s (finally) time to recap the biggest theme I took away from the show; local video advertising.
  • –Mar. 28, 2007–Online users finish more stories than print readers
    According to the Poynter Institute’s Eyetrack study released today at the American Society of Newspaper Editors conference, online readers finish news stories more often than those who read in print.
  • –Mar. 28, 2007–Yahoo News Partners With Major Newspaper Publisher
    The McClatchy Company, third largest newspaper publisher in the United States, will provide International news for the Yahoo News platform.
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–Sports Search Engine Even Has Gambling Info
    2007 is definitely looking like the year of the vertical or niched search engine.
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–Baidu Launches Japanese Search Engine
    Baidu, the Chinese search engine partially owned by Google, has launched – a Japanese search engine.
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–Balihoo Demoing Advertising Industry Search Engine
    Balihoo has announced that a demo of its advertising industry vertical search engine is now available.
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–Yahoo Launches Mobile Publishers Services
    Yahoo announced it will be offering advertising through its newly formed Mobile Publishers Services.
  • –Mar. 26, 2007–What Makes Us Search Online To Buy Offline?
    Our online behaviors certainly influence the retail buying cycle. According to a recent National Retail Federation study, a whopping 93% of respondents spend time online first, including 35% who regularly research and another 58% who occasionally research online before buying in person.
  • –Mar. 26, 2007–TV Guide Joins the Video Search Race
    When I was growing up, almost every home had a TV Guide sitting on the top of the family TV. Now TV Guide is looking to be on every computer desktop with its own video search engine.
  • –Mar. 26, 2007–Idearc Launches TV Campaign
    The local search space is heating up, and now one player is moving the fight to TV. Idearc Media, the owner of the Superpages online yellow pages business that spun-off from Verizon in the fall, is beginning a TV campaign to introduce the new brand
  • –Mar. 22, 2007–IAC’s Horan Shares Local Strategies
    Peter Horan, CEO of IAC/InterActiveCorp Media and Advertising, shared elements of IAC’s local content strategy in his keynote address Wednesday at the Kelsey Group’s Drilling Down on Local ’07 event
  • –Mar. 21, 2007–Extreme Vertical: SupplierSearch – a Furniture Search Engine
    SupplierSearch is a furniture industry-specific search engine developed by Furniture Today and Kellysearch, the business-to-business search engine.“It is always gratifying when two leading brands such as Furniture|Today and Kellysearch can work together on projects such as this one and, in the process, facilitate ways for Furniture/Today’s readers to be more productive and more profitable,” said Brian Gallagher, president of Kellysearch.


Social Media

=========================== From the SEW Blog: ===========================

  • –Apr. 2, 2007–Topix Relaunches as Citizen Journalism Site
    Topix is repositioning and relaunching its local news aggregation site as a citizen journalism network. It’s also dropped the “.net” and will begin branding itself using the newly acquired “.com” version of its name
  • –Mar. 30, 2007–Voting Helps Dining Search, But Not Enough
    Voting is one of the methods that we all accept for refining search results. While voting helps from a directional standpoint, results won’t be perceived as accurate or relevant by everyone who sees them.
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–The YouTube Video Contest – And the Winners Are . . .
    The votes are in and counted for the first ever YouTube Video contest. The contest was designed to honor the best user-generated video of 2006.
  • –Mar. 23, 2007–NewsCorp-NBC Deal Matters, But Not As Google-YouTube Killer
    No one can argue that well-produced entertainment will draw an online crowd. If there’s interesting product available online, then visitors or viewers will stream it…
  • –Mar. 22, 2007–AOL, MSN, MySpace And Yahoo! Strike Deal for Video
    News Corporation and NBC today announced the launch of an Internet video distribution network that will bring television content to the Internet within hours of its first time distribution. AOL, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo! will be the new site’s initial distribution partners. It is also anticipated that the site will include consumer-generated video.


In-House & Big Brand SEM

=== SearchDay: Mar. 28, 2007 ===

Beware of In-House Communications Breakdowns – While you may think you’re getting your search-related points across to programmers, sysadmins, and others, that’s not always the case, says Duane Forrester.


SEM Industry Issues

=== SearchDay: Mar. 21, 2007 ===

First Principles in Search – Marchex’s Matthew Berk explains his view of the first principles of search — those that form a core set of working assumptions, hypotheses, and key beliefs about a single area of interest.

=========================== From the SEW Blog: ===========================

  • –Apr. 2, 2007–Is Yahoo Underground an April Fool’s Joke?
    Michael Arrington of TechCrunch takes a look at Yahoo Underground, presented by Yahoo News. The site was launched on April 1, and Arrington speculates on whether or not it is an elaborate hoax.
  • –Apr. 2, 2007–Search-Related April Fools’ Round-Up
    I’ve never been a fan of April Fools’ jokes. Some people can pull them off and make them funny. Other people don’t pick a topic that’s obviously ridiculous, so it’s hard to tell if it’s a joke, and then it’s not funny.
  • –Apr. 2, 2007–Who’s Buying DoubleClick?
    Last week, Microsoft was the rumored acquirer of DoubleClick’s remaining businesses, which include the DART ad serving system and Performics search and affiliate marketing platform.
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–Watch Bill Gates Fight Larry Page
    Neil Patel has been busy recently. First he improves traffic for Jason Calacanis, now he launches a Search Engine SmackDown game where the bigs of search engines battle each other.
  • –Mar. 27, 2007–Update with Rand Fishkin on SEOMoz’s Paid Subscription Model
    SEOmoz recently began offering a paid subscription model for value added content on their site.
  • –Mar. 26, 2007–SES Munich Coverage Wrap-up
    Search Engine Strategies Munich is underway, and not surprisingly, Barry Schwartz has it covered by live-bloggers at Search Engine Roundtable
  • –Mar. 26, 2007–Kinetic Results Now Dexterity Media
    Dallas-based search and social media marketing firm Kinetic Results has rebranded itself as Dexterity Media, and founding partner Kevin Ryan has left the company.
  • –Mar. 21, 2007–SEMPO 2007 Officers Named
    SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, has announced its 2007 officers, as chosen by its Board of Directors that were voted in last month. New SEMPO officers include: Chairperson: Gordon Hotchkiss, Enquiro (Chairperson since 2006) President: Jeffrey Pruitt, iCrossing (VP in 2006)Vice President: Dave Williams, 360i (Secretary in 2006)Treasurer: Dave Fall, DoubleClick (new to board in 2007)Secretary: Chris Boggs, Avenue A | Razorfish (board member since 2006)Former SEMPO president Dana Todd and secretary Sara Holoubek retain seats on the board, but will not serve as officers this year. Todd was elected president of the group in 2005, succeeding founding president Barb Coll. Holoubek had held her role for a one-year term.Back in January, Pruitt shared with us a look ahead at some of SEMPO’s 2006 plans and goals.

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