Utah Legislators Doing Research — After They Passed the Law

After passing a misguided Trademark Protection Act that will ban advertisers from using the trademarked terms of their competitors to target ads to Utah users, Utah legislators are now apparently talking to the companies involved and realizing they may have made a mistake.

Technology law blogger Eric Goldman points to a report from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Senior executives from Google, eBay, Microsoft, America Online, Yahoo, 1-800 Contacts and Overstock.com met with lawmakers in an impressive show of force. And while nothing was resolved during the 90-minute sit-down, lawmakers seemed to accept the inevitable.
“I don’t know that we’ll repeal it, but we understand we’ve got some work to do,” said Rep. David Clark, House majority leader and co-sponsor of the suddenly controversial legislation.
Curtis was a little more circumspect. “It looks like an all-or-nothing proposition to me,” he said.

The law is set to go into effect on Monday.

The money quote comes from Clark: “I wish we had had this interaction with industry 60 days ago,” Clark said Wednesday. “We would have all been better off.”

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