Yahoo Adds, and Ziff-Davis to Publishers’ Network

Yahoo announced it has signed agreements with, and the Ziff-Davis publications.

The press release stated:

Yahoo announced significant display advertising agreements with, and Ziff-Davis Media. These agreements represent the continued build-out of Yahoo!’s network of premium publishers, which will benefit advertisers, publishers and users. These relationships enable marketers to reach their target audiences with high-value inventory on Yahoo! and across the Web, improving reach, frequency and relevance.

“Yahoo! is developing a new marketing ecosystem where premium publishers can deliver relevant marketing messages to their users on their owned and operated sites, or on Yahoo!’s sites, while also giving marketers the ability to reach their desired audiences across the entire network,” said Todd Teresi, senior vice president of the Yahoo! Publisher Network. “When you put the breadth of Yahoo!’s owned and operated properties together with these vertically-focused leaders, advertisers will be able to reach a high-quality audience with greater relevance and scale.”

The alliance between Yahoo! and, one of the nation’s leading online destinations for people in the market for automobiles, creates increased opportunities for advertisers to reach a highly qualified, specific audience of in-market consumers interested in purchasing cars. This alliance gives advertisers the ability to extend their access to those consumers on both and the Yahoo! network, creating highly valuable inventory for both partners.

“It’s exciting to partner with Yahoo! to give our advertisers the ability to reach their target audiences not only on, but also on the breadth of the family of sites and services on,” said Mitch Golub, President of “This alliance with Yahoo! will significantly enhance our ability to sell a lot more advertising inventory.”

The Yahoo! – relationship gives the ability to extend the reach and frequency of targeted display advertising to its consumers across Yahoo!’s network of leading Web sites. This will enable to continue delivering to advertisers qualified business decision-makers wherever they appear across the Yahoo! network. Additionally, Yahoo! will include some display inventory as part of Yahoo!’s finance package to advertisers looking to reach users interested in finance, including key business leaders. will continue to sell its own inventory to its advertising partners on a stand alone basis.

“Yahoo!’s network of publishers offers an intelligent and cutting-edge opportunity to monetize our premium unsold inventory at,” said Jim Spanfeller, president and Chief Executive Officer,

Ziff-Davis Media

The Yahoo! and Ziff-Davis Media relationship will provide advertisers with additional opportunities to communicate with, and engage some of the most involved and influential technology and video game buyers who are active across Yahoo!’s network of premium Web properties. These audience extension opportunities will enable marketers to further support their strategies to create a voice with influential consumers.

“Extending the reach of our Network and network audiences via Yahoo!’s extended network of Web properties creates more opportunities for advertisers to reach these valuable, proven buying communities,” said Jason Young, Chief Executive Officer, Ziff Davis Media. “It’s an incredibly compelling proposition that’s a win for Ziff- Davis Media, Yahoo!, and marketers alike.”

These important relationships with, and Ziff-Davis Media are the latest developments in Yahoo!’s strategy to create the largest and most effective network of premium publishers online. The advertiser – publisher ecosystem will transform how advertisers engage with customers on and off the Yahoo! network. Yahoo! provides significant added value to these publishers, and all the companies participating in its growing network of premium publishers.

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