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SEW Expert - Frank Watson Frank

Building a Search Marketing Consulting Business
With the job market going the way it is, and people always looking for ways to supplement their incomes, many search marketers are considering building their own consultancy business. We’ve got a few tips for how to get started.
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SEW Expert - Michael Boland Michael

Google Evolutions: Clouds, Waves, and Shiny Metal
Google’s Chrome OS is getting quite a bit of hype this week. But this time it may be at least partially deserved, though it’s more evolutionary than revolutionary.
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SEW Expert - Melissa Mackey Melissa

Using Geo-Targeting to Boost Your PPC Results
Increased pay-per-click competition combined with low consumer confidence and spending levels often leads to higher cost-per-conversion for advertisers. One way to find new pockets of opportunity is by making use of geo-targeted PPC campaigns.
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News from the Search Engine Watch Blog

Google Adds Images Next to Maps in Location-Based Universal Search Results
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 13, 2009

Google has updated the universal search results for location-based queries. Now, next to the map included at the top of the search results are images. It doesn’t work for all location-based searches, however. A search for Kota, India shows image results but they are further down and no map is …
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The BuyerSphere Project: Understanding B2B Buyer Patterns
Posted by Greg Jarboe Jul 13, 2009

One of the session that I plan to attend at SES San Jose is “The ByerSphere Project: Understanding B2B Buyer Patters” on Wednesday, August 12, 2009, at 4:00 p.m. The moderator of the session is Gord Hotchkiss, President & CEO, Enquiro. I started speaking on panels with Gord way …
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Bing’s Search Engine Share on the Rise, Has a Long Way to Go
Posted by Nathania Johnson Jul 13, 2009

Hitwise has released their search engine share data for the month of June 2009. This is significant because it’s the first month that Microsoft’s has been around. Of course, it essentially took over for, so there are a few factors to look at. Now, normally we wouldn’t look (or …
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2009 Search Engine Watch Awards at SES San Jose

The Search Engine Watch Awards give recognition to
excellence, as well as inspire innovation and encourage
new ideas in search marketing. We’re seeking companies that
have made a positive impact in the search industry,
advancing the industry with shining examples of what can be
accomplished. Be among the best of the best in the
industry. Submit your nomination today.
Entry deadline is July 17.

Search Engine Watch Forum Discussions

PPC Management Tool? Jul 9, 2009
Hello. Can anyone recommend a good offline tool that I can use to manage my PPC accounts in Google, Yahoo, and Bing? I love AdWords Editor, but I would love it even more if I could manage all three accounts from the same platform. It is just so tedious to …
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Anyone know whats going on here…? Jul 9, 2009
I did a backlink check on a competitors site, and they seem to have loads, I mean maybe hundreds, of links from blogs, that all follow the same sort of pattern. They all seem to be articles, that end in a keyphrase and link of some kind that have nothing much …
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Internal Page Links Appearing Under Listing Jul 7, 2009
Sometimes when a listing appears #1 there are 9 links under the listing: Example type in Search Engine Watch Forums. Then the links appear Google, Adwords, etc. Q1: What is the technical/SEO name for these links? Q2: How do you code so that Google would show such links? Certainly an objective …
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