AT&T Interactive to Sell Yahoo! Display Ad Inventory

Yahoo! and AT&T Interactive have announced a new partnership in which the telecom will sell the search engine/media portal/email giant’s display advertising. AT&T’s 5,000 sales people will sell the inventory to local businesses.

Here’s the official corporate-speak from Yahoo!

“Local businesses are looking to drive in-store traffic, and our alliance with AT&T Interactive will help them reach a local audience of highly-engaged potential customers on Yahoo!,” said Jim Schinella, Senior Vice President, North America Region, Yahoo!. “As local businesses shift their advertising spend to reach the growing number of Internet consumers, AT&T Interactive and Yahoo! can equip them with the tools and expertise they need to be successful online.”

And here it is from AT&T:

“Our local advertisers are focused on growing their business so they look to us to help find the most comprehensive and effective ways to reach consumers,” said Matt Crowley, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Interactive. “Adding Yahoo!’s reach through highly targeted display advertising enhances our existing portfolio of local advertising products, allows our advertisers another way to raise their visibility and reach more online consumers. This joint effort is a natural extension of our existing relationship with Yahoo! and takes advantage of each company’s assets in the local market.”

It’s not the first teaming up by the two companies. For example, Yahoo! Local is powered by content from

What do you think of the latest partnership between AT&T and Yahoo!? Sell us on your opinion below.

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